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Assembly of Tidecallers

Nestled within the bustling coastal settlement of Gorgon Wharf, the Assembly of Tidecallers stands as a testament to the power and devotion of Keraunee, the goddess of storms, shipwrecks, and marriage. For generations, the Assembly has been the ruling organization of Gorgon Wharf, guiding its people with wisdom and spiritual prowess. They earned their name, Tidecallers, through their unique ability to predict and even influence the tides, a vital skill for a settlement so heavily reliant on maritime trade and fishing.   The Assembly of Tidecallers is a diverse organization, comprised of several dedicated roles, each with their own responsibilities. At its head is the High Tidecaller, who oversees the spiritual guidance and governance of Gorgon Wharf. Supporting them are the Stormwardens, a dedicated militia led by paladins of Keraunee, tasked with maintaining order and protecting the settlement. The Council of Wavecasters serves as a magical and religious committee, comprised of individuals with deep connections to Keraunee and a broad understanding of the goddess's teachings and blessings.   Throughout its history, the Assembly has adapted to the ever-changing needs of Gorgon Wharf, expanding its structure and influence as the settlement grew. In times of crisis, the Assembly has steered the community through devastating storms, pirate attacks, and other challenges, always ensuring Keraunee's favor remains with the people of Gorgon Wharf. As the settlement continues to thrive, the Assembly of Tidecallers remains a steadfast guardian, guiding the spiritual and political life of Gorgon Wharf, maintaining their deep connection to the goddess Keraunee, and ensuring the prosperity of the Wharfwalkers.


The Assembly of Tidecallers is a devoted organization that emerged from the deep-rooted connection between the people of Gorgon Wharf and Keraunee, the goddess of storms, shipwrecks, and marriage. The Tidecallers earned their name due to their unyielding commitment to maintaining a strong spiritual bond with Keraunee, which they believe influences the tides and weather patterns around Gorgon Wharf. Over time, their wisdom, spiritual guidance, and close relationship with the powerful deity made them a natural choice to lead the settlement in both religious and political matters.   The Assembly is led by the High Tidecaller, who is supported by a council of Tempest Advisors. Together, they make critical decisions for the settlement while upholding its spiritual connection to Keraunee. Stormwardens, devoted Paladins, and a variety of individuals protect Gorgon Wharf, working alongside Sea Guardians who patrol the coastline and surrounding waters. The Keraunee's Disciples play a vital role in the spiritual life of the settlement, maintaining the sanctity of the temple and participating in sacred rituals. Tide Acolytes learn from more experienced members and grow in their knowledge and connection to Keraunee. This well-structured organization has allowed the Assembly of Tidecallers to guide Gorgon Wharf through times of prosperity and adversity, ensuring that the worship of Keraunee remains at the heart of the community.  
  1. High Tidecaller: As the leader of the Assembly of Tidecallers, the High Tidecaller is responsible for overseeing the entire organization, making critical decisions, and maintaining the spiritual connection with Keraunee. This individual is highly respected and revered in Gorgon Wharf for their wisdom and leadership.
  2. Tempest Advisors: Serving directly under the High Tidecaller, the Tempest Advisors are a council of experienced Tidecallers who provide guidance and advice on matters concerning the settlement and its connection to Keraunee. They assist in decision-making processes and help maintain the order's spiritual practices.
  3. Stormwardens: Typically led by Paladins devoted to Keraunee, the Stormwardens are responsible for the protection of Gorgon Wharf and the Assembly of Tidecallers. Their ranks consist of a variety of individuals, from commoners to veterans, who are trained in combat and committed to safeguarding the settlement and its people from threats.
  4. Keraunee's Disciples: Keraunee's Disciples are a committee of dedicated clerics and laypersons who maintain the sanctity of the temple and sacred relics while also participating in rituals, blessings, and ceremonies dedicated to Keraunee. Although their magical abilities are limited, they play a significant role in the spiritual life of the settlement.
  5. Tide Acolytes: Tide Acolytes are the initiates and apprentices within the Assembly of Tidecallers. They are responsible for learning the teachings, rituals, and magical arts of Keraunee under the tutelage of more experienced members. As they grow in knowledge and skill, they may advance to higher positions within the organization.
  6. Sea Guardians: The Sea Guardians are responsible for monitoring the coastline and the surrounding waters of Gorgon Wharf, ensuring the safety of those who venture out to sea for fishing or trade. They work closely with the Stormwardens, providing valuable intelligence and support when needed.


History of the Assembly of Tidecallers

  1. Early Beginnings: The organization is founded by a small group of devoted worshippers of Keraunee who come together to offer guidance and support to the fledgling settlement of Gorgon Wharf.
  3. Growing Influence: As Gorgon Wharf expands and becomes a more significant trading hub, the Assembly of Tidecallers gains prominence due to their deep connection with Keraunee and their ability to predict and influence the tides.
  5. Establishing Leadership: The settlement faces a series of crises, including devastating storms and pirate attacks. The Assembly's guidance and divine intervention from Keraunee help protect the community. Recognizing their wisdom and spiritual prowess, the people of Gorgon Wharf choose the Assembly of Tidecallers as their ruling organization.
  7. Organizational Expansion: The Assembly grows, adding new roles and responsibilities to its structure. As the population of Gorgon Wharf increases, the organization evolves to meet the needs of the settlement, strengthening its spiritual connection to Keraunee and expanding its reach and influence within the community.
  9. Present Day: The Assembly of Tidecallers maintains its central role in the governance and spiritual life of Gorgon Wharf, continually adapting to the changing needs and challenges faced by the settlement. Its members remain devoted to Keraunee, ensuring that her blessings continue to protect and guide the community.
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