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Architects of Arcana, Lost in their Own Luminous Cataclysm

Once, the Aetherians, a Human civilization of unparalleled magical prowess, held dominion over these lands. Their name, an exonym bestowed upon them by later societies, is but a whisper of their true identity, their endonym and the essence of their culture erased by the same cataclysm that birthed the Arcane Wilds.   The Aetherians harnessed the raw forces of Magic, bending them to their will to create wonders beyond comprehension. Their cities were said to shimmer with iridescent light, their towers piercing the very heavens. They crafted artifacts of immense power and devised spells of unimaginable complexity. Their knowledge of the arcane was unrivaled, their mastery of magic absolute.   Yet, for all their power, the Aetherians were undone. A cataclysm of unknown nature, perhaps a consequence of their own hubris, swept across their civilization. The aftermath of this disaster was the creation of the Aetherium Veil, a shimmering curtain of raw magic that now separates the Arcane Wilds from the rest of the world.   Today, the Aetherians are but a memory, their civilization a mystery lost to time. The Arcane Wilds, a frontier of untamed magic and unpredictable landscapes, is their only legacy, a testament to the power and danger of unbridled magic.
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