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The Healing Flame

Suryastra, the Healing Flame, is a chaotic good deity worshiped primarily by the Aarakocra and in a world where magic was once sealed away, but has now been reignited, plunging the world into chaos. Inspired by the proto-Indo-European Dʰéǵʰōm, Suryastra is associated with the sky, sun, fire, and the natural elements of healing and restoration, such as water and plants. Suryastra is a deity of wound restoration, in direct opposition to Orcus, the demon prince of undeath.  

Origin and Mythology:

  Suryastra is said to have been born from the very first rays of sunlight after the creation of the world. Their divine energy was imbued with the power to heal and restore, while also possessing the ferocity of the sun's burning flames. The deity found a kinship with the Aarakocra, the bird-like species with a strong connection to the sky and the wind, and began to be worshiped as their primary deity.   In the time before the Extinguishment of the Stars, the Aarakocra lived in harmony with a Human culture that revered the sun and saw Suryastra as their guiding light. However, when magic vanished and the world was plunged into darkness, this human culture dwindled and was eventually lost. The Aarakocra continued to venerate Suryastra, upholding their ancient customs and beliefs.  

Domains and Opposition to Orcus:

  Suryastra's domains include Life, Nature, and Tempest, symbolizing their connection to the healing and restorative aspects of the natural world. Additionally, they possess aspects of War, Protection, and Destruction, representing their fierce opposition to Orcus.   The conflict between Suryastra and Orcus stems from their diametrically opposed views on life, death, and the natural order. While Suryastra seeks to heal and protect the living, Orcus desires to subvert life and control the undead. This conflict manifests in the interactions between their followers, with Suryastra's disciples striving to restore balance to the world and combat the dark influence of Orcus.  

Worship and Customs:

  Suryastra's followers worship the deity through rituals that involve the use of natural remedies for healing, such as herbal poultices, clean water, and restorative incantations. Ceremonies are often conducted during solar events, such as the rising and setting of the sun, or on solstices and equinoxes.   The reignition of magic has brought both chaos and hope to Suryastra's followers. Although the world is now in turmoil, they see this as an opportunity for positive change and work tirelessly to heal the wounds caused by the sudden return of magic. They endeavor to restore balance to the world and bring about a new era of peace and harmony.  

Post-Extinguishment Culture and Beliefs:

  The Aarakocra's unwavering belief in Suryastra helped preserve their culture and traditions after the Extinguishment of the Stars. Today, their devotion to the Healing Flame shapes their worldview, which is centered around the preservation of life and the healing arts. Followers of Suryastra strive to cultivate compassion, courage, and wisdom in their daily lives.  

Conflict with Orcus:

  The ongoing struggle between Suryastra and Orcus impacts their followers and the mortal world at large. Suryastra's disciples are often called upon to combat the undead, protect the innocent, and heal those who have been harmed by Orcus's malevolent influence.  

Myths and Legends:

  Many tales of Suryastra's interactions with mortals and divine entities circulate within the Aarakocra community. A favored myth tells of the deity's first encounter with an Aarakocra. Suryastra, manifesting as a radiant phoenix, reportedly healed an Aarakocra injured in a fierce storm, thus marking the beginning of their deep bond with the bird-like species.   Another popular legend speaks of the Battle of Twin Dawn, a cataclysmic clash between Suryastra and Orcus. As the story goes, Suryastra intervened when Orcus attempted to raise an army of undead to conquer the mortal realm. The fight lasted for an entire night, only ending at dawn when Suryastra unleashed a powerful healing surge that restored the land and its inhabitants, thereby banishing Orcus and his undead army.  

Magical Abilities and Spells:

  Suryastra grants their followers unique magical abilities, particularly those tied to wound restoration. Healing spells such as Cure Wounds, Healing Word, and Lesser Restoration are common among their devotees. However, Suryastra's followers are also known for their unique spells that combine elements of fire and healing, like the Sacred Flame of Restoration, a spell that heals allies while scorching enemies.   Higher-level clerics and paladins of Suryastra are capable of casting powerful healing spells like Mass Cure Wounds or Beacon of Hope. While Suryastra is more associated with healing living beings rather than resurrecting the dead, very devoted followers can channel the deity's energy to perform the spell Rejuvenating Sunburst, a miraculous healing spell capable of restoring vitality and even regrowing lost limbs, though it cannot bring back the dead.   The return of magic has allowed Suryastra's followers to tap into their deity's power once more, giving them hope amidst the ensuing chaos. They strive to heal the world's wounds, one day at a time, carrying the belief that the Healing Flame will guide them towards a brighter future.

Divine Domains


The Essence of Existence
  Suryastra's dominion over the Life domain embodies the deity's role as the nurturer and sustainer of all living beings. This domain emphasizes healing, restoration, and the eternal cycle of life and rebirth. Followers of Suryastra who align with this domain are often healers, midwives, and guardians of the weak, channeling the deity's restorative energy to mend wounds and revive the fallen.  


Harmony with the Natural World
  The Nature domain reflects Suryastra's profound connection with the natural world, including flora, fauna, and the elemental forces. As the deity born from the first rays of sunlight, Suryastra's influence extends to the growth of plants, the migration of birds, and the flow of rivers. Druids and rangers who revere this domain seek to preserve the balance of nature and protect the wilderness from corruption.  


The Fury of the Storm
  Suryastra's control over the Tempest domain represents the deity's more turbulent and chaotic aspect. This domain encompasses storms, winds, and the raw power of the weather. It symbolizes Suryastra's ability to unleash destruction when necessary, particularly against the forces of undeath and evil. Those who follow this path may be storm callers, using the fury of nature to smite their foes.  


The Righteous Battle
  The War domain under Suryastra's guidance is not about conquest or bloodlust but rather the righteous battle against darkness and injustice. This domain empowers warriors, paladins, and leaders who fight to protect the innocent and uphold the cosmic order. Suryastra's fiery opposition to Orcus and the undead resonates in this domain, inspiring followers to take up arms in the name of life and healing.  


The Shield of the Vulnerable
  Suryastra's Protection domain emphasizes the deity's role as a guardian and protector. This domain extends the deity's healing aspect to include the defense of the weak, the safeguarding of communities, and the shielding of the natural world. Clerics and guardians who align with this domain become living shields, embodying Suryastra's protective embrace.  


The Purging Flame
  The Destruction domain is a unique aspect of Suryastra, reflecting the deity's ability to wield destruction as a tool for renewal and purification. This domain is not about mindless devastation but rather the controlled use of fire and force to cleanse corruption, purge evil, and make way for new growth. Followers of this path may be fire mages or warriors who understand that destruction is sometimes necessary for healing to occur.


The Phoenix Feather

Symbol of Rebirth
  A rare and mystical relic, the Phoenix Feather is believed to be a plume shed by Suryastra's manifestation as the Golden Winged Phoenix. It is said to possess incredible healing properties, capable of reviving the near-dead and purging the most potent poisons. The feather is often kept in a sacred shrine and used in dire circumstances by the high priests of Suryastra.  

The Sunstone Amulet

Beacon of Light
  The Sunstone Amulet is a radiant gem that glows with the warmth of the sun. It is a symbol of Suryastra's life-giving energy and serves as a protective talisman. Those who wear it are blessed with vitality and resilience, and it is particularly favored by healers and paladins who follow the deity's path.  

The Stormcaller's Staff

Conduit of the Tempest
  A powerful artifact linked to Suryastra's Tempest domain, the Stormcaller's Staff allows its wielder to command the weather and summon storms. It is often held by the storm callers, priests who specialize in weather Magic, and is used in rituals to bless crops, dispel droughts, or smite foes with lightning.  

The Shield of the Protector

Guardian's Embrace
  This sacred shield is imbued with Suryastra's protective energy, making it nearly impervious to harm. It is often carried by the champions of the Protection domain, serving as both a physical shield and a spiritual symbol of the deity's guarding embrace.  

The Flame of Purification

Eternal Fire
  A sacred fire that burns in Suryastra's main temple, the Flame of Purification is never extinguished. It represents the deity's Destruction domain, symbolizing the purging and renewing aspect of fire. Pilgrims come to the flame to burn offerings, seeking cleansing and renewal.  

The Scroll of the Golden Winged Phoenix

Sacred Text
  A revered text containing the hymns, rituals, and teachings of Suryastra, the Scroll of the Golden Winged Phoenix is considered a holy guide for the deity's followers. It includes the Song of the Golden Winged Phoenix and detailed instructions for the Ritual of Rebirth.  

The Talon of the Eagle

Symbol of the Sky
  A relic believed to be a talon from Suryastra's eagle form, this artifact is a symbol of the deity's kinship with bird-like species, particularly the Aarakocra. It is often used in rituals to bless journeys, ensure safe travel, and strengthen bonds with avian creatures.



Enemy (Vital)

Towards Orcus




Enemy (Vital)

Towards Suryastra




In the Celestial realms of Rolara, where the fabric of existence is woven with the threads of life and death, a fierce enmity burns between two divine beings: Suryastra, the Healing Flame, and Orcus, the Demon prince of undeath.   Suryastra, born from the first rays of sunlight, embodies life's eternal cycle, healing's gentle touch, and nature's harmonious balance. The deity's golden wings stretch across the sky, a radiant symbol of hope and renewal. But where there is light, shadows lurk, and in those shadows dwells Orcus, a twisted entity that defies the natural order, seeking to corrupt life's essence and trap souls in a state of undeath.   The conflict between Suryastra and Orcus is not merely a clash of power but a fundamental battle of principles. Suryastra's domains of Life, Nature, and Protection stand in stark opposition to Orcus's dark machinations. The Healing Flame's followers, from the humble healers to the mighty paladins, are sworn to fight against the undead's unnatural existence, guided by their deity's righteous fury.   In the dark corners of Rolara, where the undead roam and necromancers whisper Orcus's name, the tension between life and undeath simmers. It is in these places that Suryastra's light shines the brightest, a beacon guiding the lost and a weapon scorching the unholy.   A tale is told of a battle where Suryastra's chosen champion faced an abomination created by Orcus's twisted Magic. The clash was fierce, a dance of life and death, fire and decay. The champion fought with the strength of the sun, wielding a sword imbued with Suryastra's flame. The abomination, a grotesque fusion of flesh and darkness, lashed out with claws dripping with Orcus's poison.   The battle raged, a microcosm of the eternal enmity between the Healing Flame and the demon prince. In the end, the champion triumphed, the abomination reduced to ashes by Suryastra's purifying fire. But the victory was not without cost, a reminder that the battle against Orcus's corruption is never truly won.   In the temples of Suryastra, the priests sing hymns of life's triumph over death, of the sun's warmth dispelling the cold shadow of undeath. But in their hearts, they know that the enmity between Suryastra and Orcus is an unending struggle, a battle that echoes in the very soul of Rolara, a conflict that defines the delicate balance between life and death, healing and decay.

Divine Classification
Chaotic Good


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