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Count Aegeon reigns from Samanu, a dread realm perched precariously beneath the Maw, one of the upper layers of the Abyss. This dark dominion eschews natural light, favoring instead a grim spectacle where a dim, circular aperture in the sky reveals the fiery expanses of Avernus. Through this sinister window, the accursed waters of the River Styx cascade, infusing Samanu with their oblivion-touched essence.   Samanu, devoid of any Celestial luminary, basks in the eerie glow emanating from Avernus, crafting a landscape where shadows twist in torment and the air pulsates with muffled screams of the afflicted. The land itself, a testament to Aegeon's dominion, is a festering collage of decay, where the ground seethes with pestilence and the rivers run thick with the ichor of a thousand plagues.
Plane of Existence
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