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Nine Hells

The Nine Layers: Unique Realms under One Diabolical Corporation

In the cosmos of Rolara, the Nine Hells, once a realm of torment and despair, have undergone a transformation as diabolical as the devils that inhabit it. The once chaotic and ruthless layers of Hell have been tamed, not by divine intervention or heroic conquest, but by the cold, unyielding hand of capitalism. The Baator Conglomerate, a corporation as infernal as its denizens, now reigns supreme over the Nine Hells, each layer a cog in its vast, relentless machine.   Avernus, the first layer, once a battlefield scarred by the eternal Blood War, now thrives under the ruthless competition of the Avernus Security Company. The air, once filled with the cries of the damned, now echoes with the clatter of coins and the murmurs of devilish deals.   Dis, the second layer, is a city as infinite as hell itself. Once a playground for Dispater's ambitions and intrigues, it now bustles with the machinations of HellCo, its towering edifices scraping the ashen sky.   Minauros, the third layer, has traded its desolate wastelands for the bustling hubs of industry under Mammon's HellCo. The stench of decay has been replaced by the acrid smell of industry, the marshy terrain now teeming with factories and forges.   Phlegethos, the fourth layer, offers a unique blend of infernal entertainment and vice under Fierna's seductive rule. The rivers of liquid fire and molten rock now serve as the backdrop for the most decadent parties in all of Hell.   Stygia, the fifth layer, is a frozen wasteland ruled by Levistus and managed by Geryon's company, STYGFRYG. The icy terrain is now a hotbed for infernal ice exports, the chilling winds carrying whispers of devilish deals and corporate intrigue.   Malbolge, the sixth layer, is a realm of treacherous terrain and insidious inhabitants under Glasya's rule. The rocky landscape is now dotted with corporate buildings and factories, the air filled with the constant hum of productivity.   Maladomini, the seventh layer, is home to MalaMart, where ambition thrives amidst the relentless pursuit of profit. The ruins of old cities have given way to sprawling shopping centers, the black pools of ichor now replaced by fountains of coins.   Cania, the eighth layer, is a realm of perpetual winter, a testament to the relentless pursuit of knowledge amidst harsh, unforgiving conditions. The solid ice mountains and titanic glaciers now serve as the backdrop for Mephistopheles' Research and Arcane Investigation (RAI).   And finally, Nessus, the ninth layer, is the corporatized heart of Hell. Asmodeus, the Chairdevil of the Board, watches over the relentless pursuit of profit amidst harsh conditions from his infernal throne.   This is the Nine Hells of Rolara, a testament to the power of infernal capitalism, a monument to the relentless pursuit of profit, even in the heart of Hell itself.

Ecosystem Cycles

In the corporatized Nine Hells, the natural cycles of each layer have been twisted and exploited by the Baator Conglomerate, creating a complex web of interactions that both sustain and are sustained by the infernal capitalism that now reigns.   In Avernus, the first layer, the ebb and flow of the Blood War has been commodified. The constant churn of battle, the rise and fall of demonic and devilish forces, has become a resource in itself. The Avernus Security Company, under Zariel's watchful eye, capitalizes on this cycle, selling security services and war materiel to the highest bidder. The blood-soaked soil of Avernus, enriched by the fallen, gives rise to twisted vegetation, which is harvested and used in infernal rituals and concoctions.   This cycle of war and growth feeds into Dis, the second layer. Here, the iron city expands and contracts like a living organism, its growth fueled by the resources funneled from Avernus. HellCo, under Dispater's rule, exploits this cycle, using the harvested materials from Avernus to construct towering edifices and labyrinthine structures. The city's expansion, in turn, produces waste and debris, which is sent down to the third layer, Minauros.   In Minauros, this waste is processed and repurposed. The stagnant marshes and rotting bogs of this layer, under the management of Mammon's HellCo, act as a natural filtration system, breaking down the waste from Dis and transforming it into a resource that can be used in the factories and forges that dot the landscape. The industrial byproducts of this layer, in turn, are used to fuel the hedonistic excesses of the fourth layer, Phlegethos.   Phlegethos, under Fierna's rule, is a realm of desire and decadence. The resources from Minauros are used to create luxuries and entertainments for the layer's denizens and visitors. The excess and waste from these hedonistic pursuits, in turn, are used to fuel the icy industries of the fifth layer, Stygia.   In Stygia, the infernal cold is used to freeze and preserve the excesses from Phlegethos, creating a stockpile of resources that can be used in times of need. The icy wastes of Stygia, managed by Levistus and Geryon's STYGFRYG, are also used to cool the heated machinations of the sixth layer, Malbolge.   Malbolge, under Glasya's rule, is a realm of treacherous terrain and insidious inhabitants. The cooling effect of Stygia's ice is used to temper the heat of Malbolge's factories and forges, creating a balance that allows for efficient production. The products of Malbolge's industries, in turn, are sold in the markets of the seventh layer, Maladomini.   In Maladomini, these products are bought and sold in the sprawling shopping centers of MalaMart. The cycle of commerce in this layer, uner Baalzebul's watch, creates a flow of wealth that is used to fund the research and development efforts of the eighth layer, Cania.   Cania, under Mephistopheles' rule, is a realm of relentless pursuit of knowledge. The wealth from Maladomini is used to fund Cania's Research and Arcane Investigation (RAI), which in turn produces knowledge and arcane secrets that are used to consolidate the power of the ninth layer, Nessus.       In Nessus, the heart of the Nine Hells, these arcane secrets are used by Asmodeus and the Baator Conglomerate to maintain control over the entire plane. The knowledge and power accumulated in Nessus are used to manipulate and manage the cycles of the other layers, ensuring the continued profitability of the Conglomerate.   Thus, the cycles of the Nine Hells, from the bloody battles of Avernus to the arcane research of Cania, are all interconnected, each feeding into the next, each exploited by the Baator Conglomerate for maximum profit. The natural infernal cycles have been twisted into a grand machine of capitalism, a testament to the ingenuity and ruthlessness of Asmodeus and his Conglomerate.

Localized Phenomena

Optional Rule: Pervasive Evil

  Evil pervades the Nine Hells, and visitors to this plane feel its influence. At the end of each long rest taken on this plane, a visitor that isn’t evil must make a DC 10 Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, the creature’s alignment changes to lawful evil. The change becomes permanent if the creature doesn’t leave the plane within 1d4 days. Otherwise, the creature’s alignment reverts to normal after one day spent on a plane other than the Nine Hells. Casting the dispel evil and good spell on the creature also restores its original alignment.


King Yanluo Wang, or King Yan, is a deity of immense power and authority in the world of Rolara. Known by many names such as Death, Yama, Yanma, Yanluo, Thanatos, the Reaper, and the Shadow, he is the ruler of the Hell Realm and is considered one of the oldest deities. He is the source of all Authority, and even divine authority stems from him.   King Yan is not only the ruler but also the judge of the underworld, passing judgment on all the dead. He appears in a terrifying male form, and his minions include a judge who holds in his hands a brush and a book listing every soul and the allotted death date for every life.   Due to the vast size of the universe, King Yan split Diyu into several realms, or courts, to streamline the massive work. Each court has its own "Yan King" who is responsible for deciding where souls go after they die. They empower myriad beings to bring them the appropriate souls. These "Yan Kings" are most commonly referred to as Judges.   King Yan is not just a manifestation of Death; he is a talented holy warrior. He has many avatars, assistants, and officials at his disposal. Most commonly, his avatars wander the border ethereal and reap souls that are seeking the afterlife. These avatars are often recruited from the souls of the pious dead, or those who died innocently or accidentally.   With the corporatization of the Nine Hells under Asmodeus' Baator Conglomerate, King Yan's role became even more crucial. As the ruler of the Hell Realm, he was given the responsibility of overseeing the operations of the Nine Hells. This included managing the bureaucratic systems for souls moving through the Hells and overseeing the changes to the overall geography of the nine layers due to the operations of the Baator Conglomerate.   Under King Yan's rule, the Nine Hells have maintained their infernal nature while also adapting to the new corporate structure. The layers of Hell have become more organized, with each layer functioning as a division of the Baator Conglomerate. Despite the changes, the Nine Hells remain a place of torment and despair, a testament to King Yan's unwavering authority and the relentless efficiency of the Baator Conglomerate.
Lawful Evil
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Hell, the Hells, the Nine, Diyu, the Hell Realm, Heck, Baator
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