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Avernus Security Company


The structure of Avernus Security Company was indeed complex, with various divisions and key personnel under Zariel's command, each playing a vital role in the company's infernal operations.  
  1. Soul Acquisition:

    This division was responsible for obtaining souls to fuel the company's operations and bolster its influence in the Nine Hells. Led by the cunning and persuasive devil, Harumaph, the Soul Acquisition team employed a myriad of tactics, from enticing mortals with tempting contracts to orchestrating elaborate schemes to secure valuable souls. Harumaph's expertise in manipulation and negotiation made him the perfect choice to oversee this essential division.
  3. Soul Protection:

    With the invaluable nature of souls, it was imperative to ensure their safety and security. The Soul Protection division, led by the ruthless and vigilant Krythos, focused on guarding the company's soul repositories and preventing theft or tampering. Krythos' exceptional tactical and combat skills enabled him to build an elite team of infernal guardians and to implement impenetrable security measures.
  5. Infernal Relations:

    Navigating the treacherous politics of the Nine Hells was no small feat, and the Infernal Relations division played a crucial role in maintaining Avernus Security Company's alliances and managing its rivalries. Helmed by the silver-tongued diplomat, Valystra, this division liaised with other Archdevils, brokered deals with powerful entities, and conducted damage control when conflicts arose. Valystra's unparalleled charm and finesse were vital in ensuring the company's continued success in the infernal realm.
  7. Research & Development:

    Innovation was essential for maintaining the company's competitive edge, and the Research & Development division focused on discovering new technologies and refining existing ones. Led by the ingenious and ambitious devil, Mordathrax, the R&D team explored the latest advancements in soul manipulation, infernal weaponry, and other areas of potential growth. Mordathrax's insatiable curiosity and boundless creativity made him the perfect choice to spearhead the company's quest for innovation.
  Each division was led by a talented and fearsome devil handpicked by Zariel, ensuring that the company operated as efficiently as possible. The synergy between these divisions formed the backbone of Avernus Security Company, driving its success in the Soul economy and solidifying its influence within the Nine Hells.

"Guarding the Infernal, Securing the Eternal"

Corporation, Security
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