Fiendish Brokerage of Investigators


The Fiendish Brokerage of Investigators (FBI) is a specialized division within the Research and Arcane Investigation (RAI) corporation, operating in the Nine Hells. The FBI serves as a marketplace for infernal investigative services, where Special Agents offer their expertise in exchange for various forms of infernal currency, most commonly Soul Coins and Soul Stock. The division is known for its fluctuating pricing models, which are subject to rapid changes based on a myriad of factors, including demand, the complexity of the case, and the current infernal market rates.  

Pricing Mechanism

  The FBI employs a dynamic pricing model that is constantly in flux. Prices are measured in Soul Coins, Soul Stock, or other arcane means of exchange. The ever-changing nature of these prices requires clients to exercise extreme caution. Failure to closely monitor the cost of an investigation can result in financial ruin, as the price may escalate beyond what the client can afford. This is especially true for mortals who venture into contracts with the FBI, as they often lack the nuanced understanding of infernal economics.  

Services Offered

  Special Agents within the FBI offer a wide range of investigative services, from mundane surveillance to complex magical inquiries. The division is known for its high success rate, although the methods employed are often morally ambiguous, if not outright diabolical. Agents are ranked based on their pricing, with the top percentile commanding exorbitant fees. However, the quality of service is generally commensurate with the price, making the FBI a reliable, albeit risky, option for those in need of investigative services.  

Risks and Caveats

  Clients are strongly advised to read all contractual clauses carefully. The contracts employed by the FBI are known for their complexity and are often laden with traps and loopholes that can lead to unintended consequences. Furthermore, the division operates under the jurisdiction of RAI and, by extension, the Baator Conglomerate, meaning that any disputes are subject to infernal law—a legal system known for its lack of mercy.
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