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Baator Conglomerate

Hell, Incorporated.

In the heart of the Nine Hells, where the air is thick with brimstone and the rivers run red with the blood of the damned, there lies a monolith of infernal capitalism: the Baator Conglomerate. This sprawling corporate entity, a testament to the relentless pursuit of profit, stretches across the nine layers of Hell, each one a cog in a machine that never sleeps.   From the fiery plains of Avernus, where the Avernus Security Company maintains a ceaseless vigil, to the icy wastes of Cania, where the Research and Arcane Investigation (RAI) churns out infernal technologies under the watchful eye of Mephistopheles, the Baator Conglomerate thrives. It is a testament to the power of ambition, a monument to the relentless pursuit of profit, even in the face of eternal damnation.   In Dis, the towering edifices of HellCo scrape the ashen sky, a testament to the ceaseless ambition of Dispater and Belial. In Minauros, Mammon's insatiable greed fuels the operations of HellCo, the wealth of the damned flowing like a river through its infernal halls. In Phlegethos, Fierna's Infernal Recreation and Entertainment Corporation offers a momentary respite from the torment, a cruel illusion of pleasure amidst the pain.   In Stygia, the icy heart of Hell, the STYGFRYG company exports infernal ice under the watchful eye of Geryon, standing in for the trapped Levistus. In Malbolge, Glasya, the daughter of Asmodeus, oversees the operations of the entire conglomerate, her gaze as cold and merciless as the ice of Stygia. In Maladomini, the towering Filth Tower of MalaMart stands as a testament to Baalzebul's ruthless ambition, its shadow stretching across the entire layer.   And in Nessus, at the heart of it all, Asmodeus, the Chairdevil of the Board, sits in his infernal throne, watching the ceaseless machinations of the Baator Conglomerate with a devilish grin. This is the Baator Conglomerate, a monument to the power of capitalism, a testament to the relentless pursuit of profit, even in the heart of Hell itself.  

The Baator Conglomerate: An Overview of the Nine Corporate Levels of Hell

Avernus: Avernus Security Company
  • Zariel, the founder of Avernus Security Company, oversees this level, managing the security of the conglomerate's interests.
  • Daily life includes training and maintaining security forces, ensuring the safety of Soulstock, and participating in corporate warfare.
  • A humorous event unfolded when Zariel held a "mandatory team-building retreat" that turned into a chaotic battle royale.
Dis: HellCo
  • Dispater serves as the figurehead of HellCo, but Belial effectively runs the company, resulting in a power struggle between the two devils.
  • Their relationship with Asmodeus is tense, as the Chairdevil watches their conflict with amusement, always a step ahead.
  • Office work-life in Dis involves backstabbing and corporate espionage, with devils vying for power and favor within the company.
Minauros: HellCo and Mammon's Wealth
  • Mammon, the Chief Executive Devil, oversees HellCo's operations in Minauros and is notorious for his insatiable greed.
  • Daily life involves managing the mining of resources, trading in Soulstock, and engaging in insider trading.
  • Mammon once organized a "Soulstock Trading Challenge" for his underlings, which quickly devolved into a ruthless competition riddled with betrayals.
Phlegethos: Infernal Recreation and Entertainment Corporation
  • Fierna operates the Infernal Recreation and Entertainment Corporation, offering devils a place to spend their hard-earned Soul Coins.
  • Daily life includes managing entertainment services and dealing with the complications of subscription-based goods and large cancellation fees.
  • Fierna once held a "Customer Appreciation Day," only to surprise attendees with an elaborate prank involving hellish escape rooms.
Stygia: STYGFRYG and Levistus
  • Trapped in ice, Levistus is unable to actively manage STYGFRYG, an infernal ice exporting company; Geryon serves as the CED in his stead.
  • Daily life consists of managing ice mining operations and ensuring the proper distribution of infernal ice across the multiverse.
  • An amusing incident occurred when an infernal ice sculpture contest ended with the "winner" being encased in a block of ice.
Malbolge: Baator Conglomerate's Chief Devil of Operations
  • Glasya, Asmodeus's daughter, serves as the Chief Devil of Operations, overseeing the conglomerate's various interests.
  • Daily life involves coordinating inter-level operations, managing resources, and navigating the intricate web of corporate politics.
  • In a humorous twist, Glasya once initiated a company-wide "bring-your-pet-to-work day," leading to a chaotic scene of infernal creatures wreaking havoc in the office.
Maladomini: MalaMart and Baalzebul
  • Baalzebul is the CED of MalaMart, headquartered in Filth Tower, an imposing skyscraper visible from everywhere on Maladomini, with locations throughout the planes of existence.
  • Daily life revolves around managing MalaMart's supply chain, dealing with aggressive expansion strategies, and navigating the complex world of interplanar commerce.
  • In a tongue-in-cheek event, Baalzebul hosted a "Black Friday Sale" that turned into a chaotic free-for-all as devils and customers alike fought for the best deals.
Cania: Research and Arcane Investigation (RAI) and Mephistopheles
  • Mephistopheles, the President of RAI, oversees this level's secretive operations, maintaining security with an iron fist.
  • Daily life consists of researching arcane secrets, creating new infernal technologies, and ensuring the confidentiality of Cania's projects.
  • In a humorous incident, Mephistopheles organized a "Science Fair" for his underlings, which quickly devolved into a series of explosive mishaps and magical accidents.
Nessus: Baator Conglomerate's Headquarters and Asmodeus
  • Asmodeus serves as the Chairdevil of the Board, working alongside the mysterious members of the Board of Evil to make important decisions for the Nine Hells.
  • Daily life in Nessus involves attending high-level meetings, managing the conglomerate's interests, and maintaining the delicate balance of power between the Executive Devils.
  • In a surprising twist, Asmodeus once held a "Casual Friday" event, where devils were encouraged to wear informal attire, leading to a comical display of ill-fitting outfits and confused expressions.


The Baator Conglomerate, the corporate entity that now governs the Nine Hells, has a history as complex and intricate as the infernal layers it oversees. Its inception marked a significant shift in the power dynamics of the Nine Hells, transforming it from a realm of eternal torment into a hub of infernal commerce and industry.   The inception of the Baator Conglomerate was the result of a cunning plan by Asmodeus, the ruler of the Nine Hells. Recognizing the potential for profit in the endless torment of the damned, Asmodeus negotiated with the cosmos to privatize the Nine Hells' role and function in the Afterlife. This led to the formation of the Baator Conglomerate, with Asmodeus as its Chairdevil.   The former Archdevils, including Zariel, Dispater, Mammon, Fierna, Levistus, Glasya, Baalzebul, Mephistopheles, and Asmodeus himself, were repositioned as Chief Executive Devils, each running their own subsidiaries or divisions of the Conglomerate. Each layer of Hell became a separate division of the conglomerate, each with its own unique focus and operations.   Over the years, the Baator Conglomerate has grown and evolved, adapting to the changing dynamics of the Nine Hells and the wider multiverse. Each Chief Executive Devil has brought their own unique approach to their role, leading to a diverse range of operations across the layers of Hell.   Today, the Baator Conglomerate is a sprawling corporate entity, its operations stretching across the Nine Hells and beyond. From the Avernus Security Company in the first layer to the Research and Arcane Investigation (RAI) in the eighth layer, the Baator Conglomerate is a testament to the power of infernal capitalism.   Despite the challenges and power struggles that have marked its history, the Baator Conglomerate continues to thrive. Its relentless pursuit of profit, even at the expense of the damned, serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of unchecked ambition and the relentless pursuit of power. The history of the Baator Conglomerate is a testament to the power of capitalism, even in the heart of Hell itself.

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