Infernal Recreation and Entertainment Corporation

Fierna, the seductive devil, ran the Infernal Recreation and Entertainment Corporation, a diabolical corporation that promised to fulfill every devil's desires in exchange for their hard-earned Soul Coins. Her expertise in managing the intricacies of subscription-based goods and services allowed her to trap many devils into never-ending cycles of debt, with fees that took centuries to repay.   Fierna's tactics were particularly ruthless, even by infernal standards, as she specifically targeted devils with her marketing and offered them reasonable pricing for their entertainment. The Infernal Recreation and Entertainment Corporation was designed to take all of the devils' money, even after their deaths, and the debts incurred were wickedly subscription-based.   Despite the corporation's name, it was anything but entertaining for those trapped in its clutches. The cancellation fees were steep, and the corporation would stop at nothing to collect overdue payments. The devils under Fierna's employ were experts at specifying debts that could not be easily repaid, adding to the never-ending cycle of debt and despair.   Fierna's isolation from her father, Belial, who ruled over the second layer of Hell, did not stop her from pursuing her business ambitions in Phlegethos. In fact, her rivalry with her father only fueled her desire for success and power. She knew that the Infernal Recreation and Entertainment Corporation was somehow more evil than other arms of the Baator Conglomerate, but she reveled in its notoriety and the fear it inspired in others.   In the end, wise sages warned that those who fell prey to the Infernal Recreation and Entertainment Corporation would find themselves trapped in an endless cycle of debt and despair, unable to escape the clutches of Fierna's seductive and ruthless business practices.  

Typcical Services of Infernal Delight


Personalized Torture Chamber

A subscription to a personalized torture chamber.
  • "Suffer in style! Our customized torture chambers cater to your every whim."
  • "Tired of the same old torture methods? Let us spice things up for you."
  • "A torture chamber fit for a king. Or, in this case, a devil."

Secret Den of Succubi and Incubi

A VIP pass to a secret den of succubi and incubi.
  • "Come play with fire. Our succubi and incubi will leave you begging for more."
  • "Looking for a little devilish delight? Look no further than our secret den."
  • "Indulge in your deepest desires with the most devilish creatures in the multiverse."

Lifetime* Membership to the Hellfire Club

*Details apply.
  • "Join the elite. Our exclusive Hellfire Club is reserved for the most wicked and decadent souls."
  • "Party with the devil. Our Hellfire Club is the hottest spot in all of the Nine Hells."
  • "Experience pleasures beyond your wildest dreams with a lifetime membership to the Hellfire Club."
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