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Located in the third layer of Hell, Minauros, HellCo was a subsidiary of the Baator Conglomerate, overseen by the Chief Executive Devil, Mammon. Known for his insatiable greed and love of wealth, Mammon had turned HellCo into a juggernaut of industry and commerce.   Daily life for the devils under Mammon's employ involved managing the mining of precious resources and trading in Soulstock, the currency of Hell. Mammon and his subordinates engaged in insider trading, buying and selling souls for profit and using their knowledge of the infernal markets to gain an advantage over their competitors.   Despite his reputation for greed, Mammon was not without a sense of humor. He once organized a "Soulstock Trading Challenge" for his underlings, promising a grand prize to the winner. However, the challenge quickly devolved into a ruthless competition, with devils betraying one another in an attempt to come out on top.   According to established lore, Mammon was one of the original Archdevils, having ruled over Minauros since the beginning of the Nine Hells. He was said to be the embodiment of greed, constantly seeking to amass more wealth and power. He was known to offer deals to mortals, promising them riches and fortune in exchange for their souls.   In the world of HellCo and Mammon's Wealth, nothing was free, and every deal came at a price. The devils under Mammon's employ were constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to profit, scouring the multiverse for mortals willing to sell their souls for a chance at wealth and power. With Mammon at the helm, HellCo was a force to be reckoned with, dominating the infernal markets and ensuring that the pursuit of wealth remained a driving force in the Nine Hells.



HellCo's Mission Statement

  Crafted by the Chief Executive Devil, Mammon  

I. Purpose:

  To mine the very essence of avarice, forging it into the currency of power. HellCo exists to dominate the infernal markets, trading in the most precious commodity known to Hell: souls. We are the embodiment of greed, the manifestation of desire, the relentless pursuit of wealth.  

II. Vision:

  To expand our dominion across the Nine Hells and beyond, scouring the multiverse for opportunities, exploiting weaknesses, and amassing an unending treasure of wealth and influence. Our reach shall know no bounds; our ambition, no limits.  

III. Values:

  1. Greed:
    Our insatiable hunger for more fuels our every decision. Enough is never enough.
  2. Betrayal:
    Loyalty is a fleeting illusion; only the cunning survive.
  3. Power:
    We wield influence with an iron fist, crushing those who dare oppose us.
  4. Deception:
    Truth is a malleable tool, shaped to serve our ends.
  5. Exploitation:
    Every soul, every deal, every opportunity is ours to manipulate for gain.

IV. Commitment:

  We pledge to our infernal stakeholders an unrelenting pursuit of profit, driven by the dark arts of commerce and the ruthless exploitation of mortal folly. We shall broker deals that bind, contracts that constrict, and bargains that bewitch.  

V. Conclusion:

  In the world of HellCo, nothing is free, and every deal comes with a price. We are the architects of desire, the masters of manipulation, the sovereigns of sin. Join us, and partake in the grand game of power, where fortune favors the wicked, and the weak are but pawns in our infernal dance.  

HellCo's Culture

  HellCo's culture is a reflection of its leader, Mammon, and the infernal environment in which it operates. It's a place where greed, betrayal, and power are not only accepted but celebrated.  
Greed and Competition
  The relentless pursuit of wealth and power permeates every aspect of HellCo's operations. Employees are encouraged to engage in ruthless competition, with betrayal and deception seen as tools of the trade.  
Exploitation and Manipulation
  The culture promotes exploitation and manipulation, both within the organization and in its dealings with mortals. Every soul, every deal, every opportunity is seen as a means to gain.  

The Bleak Outlook of the Lemures

  Lemures, the lowest-ranking devils, make up the bulk of HellCo's staff. Their existence within the organization is marked by a bleak and despairing outlook.  
  Lemures are considered expendable, often used as pawns in the diabolical games played by higher-ranking devils. Their lives are devoid of value, and their suffering is ignored.  
Lack of Opportunity
  Trapped in their lowly position, Lemures have little hope of advancement or escape from their miserable existence. They are caught in a cycle of servitude, with no respite or reward.  

Mammon's Vast Wealth

  Mammon's wealth is legendary, even by infernal standards. His insatiable greed has led him to amass a treasure trove of riches that is both a symbol of his power and a source of his influence.  
Accumulation and Control
  Mammon's wealth extends beyond mere material possessions. He controls vast resources, including the precious Soulstock, and his influence reaches across the Nine Hells and beyond.  
Ostentation and Display
  Mammon's wealth is not hidden away; it's flaunted and used to assert his dominance. It's a tool of control, a weapon of influence, and a testament to his unbridled ambition.  

Tension Between Mammon and Asmodeus

  The relationship between Mammon and Asmodeus, the ruler of the Nine Hells, is marked by tension and rivalry.  
Power Struggle
  Both Mammon and Asmodeus are driven by a desire for power, and their ambitions often put them at odds. Mammon's growing influence threatens Asmodeus's supremacy, leading to a delicate and dangerous balance of power.  
Ideological Conflict
  While both are embodiments of evil, their philosophies and methods differ. Mammon's unabashed greed and willingness to betray even his allies stand in contrast to Asmodeus's more calculated and strategic approach.

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