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In the world of Rolara, Asmodeus is a figure of intrigue and power, a being who has transcended his divine origins to become a force of commerce and control. His story is one of ambition, cunning, and a relentless pursuit of power.   Asmodeus, once a god, relinquished his spark of divinity to King Yan, the Judge of the Dead, in a daring legal maneuver. This act, unprecedented and audacious, allowed him to privatize Hell itself, transforming it into the Baator Conglomerate. This conglomerate, a vast and intricate network of infernal industries, is now under Asmodeus's unyielding control.   The Baator Conglomerate, under Asmodeus's leadership, has become a powerhouse of production and trade. It deals in a variety of goods and services, from soul energy to infernal weaponry, and its influence is felt across the planes. Asmodeus, as the Chairdevil of the Board, rules with a businessman's acumen and a devil's ruthlessness. He is a figure of fear and respect, his name synonymous with the relentless pursuit of power and profit.   Yet, Asmodeus is not a simple tyrant. He is a complex figure, marked by his past as a god and his present as a corporate magnate. He is a master of contracts and a dealer in souls, a being who has traded divinity for a different kind of power. His story is a testament to the lengths one can go in the pursuit of ambition, a chilling reminder of the power of cunning and determination.   In Rolara, Asmodeus is more than a god or a devil - he is a symbol of ambition, a testament to the power of will and cunning. He stands at the helm of the Baator Conglomerate, a beacon of power and control, his gaze set firmly on the future.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Asmodeus is an imposing figure, standing at over 13 feet tall with a lean, muscular build that exudes an aura of undeniable power. His skin is a deep, ruddy red, and his eyes are piercing and black, filled with an intelligence that is as terrifying as it is captivating. He is often seen in regal attire, adorned with intricate gold and black armor, and his presence is accentuated by two large, curved horns that crown his head, and a long, sinuous tail that flicks with a mind of its own.

Body Features

Asmodeus, the King of the Nine Hells, is a figure of immense stature and formidable presence. His body, towering over 13 feet, is a testament to his power and dominance. His skin, a deep, ruddy red, is as if carved from the very fires of the Hells he rules, smooth and unmarred, reflecting an ageless existence.   His muscular build, lean and sinewy, is a manifestation of his raw strength. Each muscle is defined, a testament to his physical prowess, the embodiment of a warrior forged in the fires of countless battles. His hands, large and powerful, are capable of both delicate manipulation and destructive force.   Atop his head, two large, curved horns proudly proclaim his infernal heritage. They sweep back from his forehead in a wicked arc, polished to a gleaming shine, their black hue contrasting starkly with his red skin. They are a symbol of his authority, a crown befitting the King of Hell.   His eyes, black as the deepest Abyss, are pools of ancient knowledge and cunning. They hold a gaze that can pierce through the bravest souls, their depths filled with intelligence that has outwitted gods and mortals alike.   Adorning his form is an intricate suit of armor, black as obsidian and trimmed with Gold. The armor, a masterpiece of infernal craftsmanship, fits him perfectly, accentuating his powerful physique while offering formidable protection. It is as much a part of him as his own skin, a symbol of his unyielding resilience.   His presence is further accentuated by a long, sinuous tail. It moves with a life of its own, coiling and uncoiling, a constant reminder of his devilish nature. It is a weapon in its own right, capable of delivering deadly strikes with its pointed end.   Asmodeus, in all his terrifying glory, is the epitome of infernal majesty - a being whose very form is a testament to his power, cunning, and timeless existence.

Facial Features

As your gaze travels upwards, you are met with the striking visage of Asmodeus, a face that bears the weight of eons and the cunning that has outmaneuvered gods. His face, like the rest of his body, is a deep, ruddy red, the skin smooth and unblemished, betraying no sign of age or frailty.   His eyes, as black as the Void, are the most striking feature of his face. They are deep-set under prominent, arching brows, their gaze penetrating and intense. The eyes of Asmodeus are windows into an unfathomable intelligence, a mind that has plotted and schemed across the ages. They hold a predatory gleam, a constant reminder of his infernal nature and his position as the apex predator of the Nine Hells.   Above his eyes rise two prominent, curved horns, black as obsidian. They frame his face, adding to his intimidating presence, their sharp points gleaming ominously. They are a crown of power, a symbol of his reign over the infernal realms.   His nose is sharp and well-defined, adding an air of regal nobility to his features. Below it, his mouth is often set in a knowing smirk, revealing perfectly white, sharp teeth. His lips, thin and firm, speak words that have swayed countless souls, their utterances as honeyed as they are treacherous.   His jaw is strong and square, set with determination and unyielding will. It leads to a prominent chin, a final accent to his commanding features. His face, as a whole, is a testament to his authority and power, a visage that commands respect and incites fear, a face that is the embodiment of the King of the Nine Hells.

Identifying Characteristics

Asmodeus is a master of deception, often appearing in guises or sending avatars in his stead. However, there are certain identifying features and signs that can help discern whether one is dealing with the true Asmodeus.  

Identifying Features

  1. Eyes: Asmodeus' eyes are a deep, abyssal black, devoid of any white or iris. They are said to hold the weight of countless eons and a cunning that has outwitted gods. These eyes are often replicated in his avatars, but the depth of eternity in his gaze is something that is nearly impossible to mimic.
  2. Horns: His horns are a prominent feature, jet black and curved. They are a symbol of his power and authority. While many devils and demons bear horns, Asmodeus' are distinct in their shape and size.
  3. Aura: Asmodeus exudes an aura of overwhelming authority and power. This aura can cause feelings of dread, awe, and even involuntary submission. While powerful entities can mimic this aura to some extent, the intensity of Asmodeus' presence is unparalleled.

Methods of Identification

  1. Divine Magic: Clerics and paladins can use divine magic to discern lies or illusions. Spells like "True Seeing" can reveal Asmodeus' true form, while "Zone of Truth" can force him to speak only the truth.
  2. Arcane Knowledge: Those well-versed in arcane or infernal lore might be able to identify Asmodeus through his mannerisms, speech, and knowledge. Asmodeus is incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable, especially about cosmic and infernal matters.
  3. Challenges: Asmodeus is incredibly proud. Challenging his knowledge or power might provoke him into revealing his true form or abilities. However, this is a dangerous game to play, as it might also incur his wrath.
  Remember, dealing with Asmodeus is extremely dangerous. Even if one can identify him, it does not guarantee safety or success in negotiations. It's always best to deal with such powerful entities with extreme caution.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Asmodeus's life is a tale of ambition, cunning, and power. Here is a chronological overview of the most important events in his life:  
  1. Birth
    Asmodeus was born as a one of a pair of twin lesser celestials in the Upper Planes. His early years were spent in service to the gods, learning the ways of the celestial bureaucracy.
  3. Fall from Grace
    Asmodeus and his followers waged a rebellion against the celestial order. The rebellion was quelled, and as punishment, Asmodeus and his followers were cast out of the Upper Planes and into the Lower Planes.
  5. Rise to Power in Hell
    Asmodeus quickly established himself as a powerful figure in Hell. He organized the chaotic plane into a strict hierarchy, with himself at the top. His rule brought order to Hell, and he was recognized as its ruler.
  7. Creation of the Nine Hells
    Asmodeus transformed Hell into the Nine Hells, a structured plane of torment and punishment for wicked souls. Each of the Nine Hells was ruled by an Archduke, with Asmodeus himself ruling the Ninth Hell, Nessus.
  9. The Pact Primeval
    Asmodeus struck a deal with the gods, known as the Pact Primeval. This pact allowed Asmodeus to claim the souls of the wicked as his own, in return for punishing them for their sins. This pact solidified Asmodeus's power and established the Nine Hells as a necessary evil in the cosmic order.
  11. The Blood War
    Asmodeus led the forces of Hell in the Blood War, a cosmic conflict against the chaotic demons of the Abyss. His strategic genius and ruthless tactics ensured Hell's survival against the endless hordes of the Abyss.
  13. Relinquishing Divinity
    In a daring legal maneuver, Asmodeus sued for and won the right to privatize Hell and its various functions. He forfeited his spark of divinity to King Yan, the Judge of the Dead, transforming Hell into the Baator Conglomerate.
  15. Establishment of the Baator Conglomerate
    As the Chairdevil of the Board of the Baator Conglomerate, Asmodeus transformed the Nine Hells into a powerhouse of production and trade. The conglomerate deals in a variety of goods and services, from soul energy to infernal weaponry, and its influence is felt across the planes.
  Asmodeus's life is a testament to his cunning and ambition. From his humble beginnings as a lesser celestial to his current position as the Chairdevil of the Board of the Baator Conglomerate, Asmodeus has always sought power and control, and his story is far from over.



twin (Trivial)

Towards Asmodeus




twin (Trivial)

Towards Yan




Neither knows of their relation to the other; this secret is kept well by Kano and the Jade God. No other beings or entities know of this connection.
Though both have heard rumors that the other takes a form similar to themself, neither has ever met the other. They've never had need or occasion to meet. Yan has been busy with important work since the dawn of time and Asmodeus is rather preoccupied with tempting mortals to commit evil.
Asmodeus assumes that King Yan looks like him to seem scarier to mortal souls; and it is true that mortals tend to find Yan very scary. King Yan, on the other hand, believes that nothing is scarier than dying, especially to evil creatures and immortal creatures; so of course the embodiment of pure evil would want to look like Death himself.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Both share an affinity for collecting sports memorabilia, being the loudest voice in the room, and lording their position of power over others.

Shared Acquaintances

Through coincidence, the minor deity Taiyi Zhenren is owed a favor from each of them for different reasons.


Master (Trivial)

Towards Vircan




Student (Vital)

Towards Asmodeus



Divine Classification
Lawful Evil
Current Location
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Yan (twin)
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