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Primordial Twins

In the beginning, before the world of Rolara came to be, chaos filled The Void. It was during this time that two beings, twin brothers, Mannoi and Yemmoi, were born. Mannoi was a mortal, while Yemmoi was a giant. As they wandered through the chaos, they had with them a cow, which was said to have been born at the same time as the brothers.   When Rolara was finally created, the brothers played an important role in its formation. Mannoi performed a ritual sacrifice of his brother Yemmoi, which laid the foundation for natural law on Rolara. This act established the method by which existence would form, with all things having a cost and requiring careful balance of the ledgers of reality to ensure that the cost was never unpaid.   After the sacrifice, Mannoi used Yemmoi's body for various creations, with each piece being used to craft and define the roles required in society. In some variations of this tale, other creations came from the giant's body. Yemmoi's head became the Priestly class, with all humanoids who can listen when the gods speak and have the Voice to speak unto them being descended from Yemmoi's head. This origin reveals their importance, and those born to this caste have an understanding and zest for law and the natural order. His chest and arms became Tritoi, the Third who was the first warrior, and those who fight and strategize are descended from him. The warrior class represents the method by which mortals set wrongs right again to maintain the order of nature. Finally, the genitalia and legs of the giant formed the common people (herder/farmer), who would maintain and care for the plants and land beasts born from the sacrifice of the Primordial cow.

Historical Basis

The following section contains details about the historical basis of the primordial twins that may reveal key plot points and surprises. Reader discretion is advised.  
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The myth of the primordial twins, Mannoi and Yemmoi, is rooted in a historical basis so far back in time that even Asmodeus and Yan have forgotten their own origins. The connection between Asmodeus and Yan as twins is cosmically humorous, given their resemblance and opposing nature, yet they have never met since the dawn of time. Kano and the Jade God have kept this secret, and no other entities know of this connection.   Despite their opposing natures, both Asmodeus and Yan share an affinity for collecting sports memorabilia, being the loudest voice in the room, and lording their position of power over others. Taiyi Zhenren, a minor deity, is coincidentally owed a favor from each of them for different reasons.   Asmodeus assumes that King Yan looks like him to seem scarier to mortal souls, and mortals tend to find Yan very scary. On the other hand, King Yan believes that nothing is scarier than dying, especially to evil creatures and immortal creatures, so the embodiment of pure evil would want to look like Death himself.

Variations & Mutation

The myth of the primordial twins has spread far and wide, leading to many variations of the story. In different cultures, the twins may have different names, and the animal that accompanies them may vary as well.   For example, among the humans, the names of the twins vary depending on the culture. In some cultures, they are known as Mannoi and Yemmoi, while in others they are called Magnus and Ymir.   The dwarves, on the other hand, often tell the story of the twins as Magnus and Ymir, who were accompanied by a massive mountain goat instead of a cow.   In Aikibira, the Dragonborn tell a tale about the twins Manarax and Yemox, who were accompanied by a giant serpent instead of a cow.   The variations in the myth reflect the diverse cultures and beliefs of the different races, but the central themes of sacrifice and the creation of natural law remain the same.
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