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The 9th Layer of Hell

Nessus was a layer of the Nine Hells steeped in lore and mystery, dominated by dark and foreboding environments, and characterized by its harsh and inhospitable ecosystem. Nessus was a place of great power and intrigue, where every devil was constantly scheming and plotting to gain an advantage over their rivals. The devils of Nessus were masters of manipulation and deception, and they would stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Despite the dark and foreboding nature of Nessus, there were those who sought to challenge the power of Asmodeus and his infernal court, constantly battling against the Diabolical Security Forces and the loyalists of Asmodeus.


Nessus was a vast expanse of dark pits, whose walls were set with towering fortresses and citadels. It was home to some of the most powerful and ruthless devils in all of Baator, including pit fiends and other former Archdevils loyal to Asmodeus. At the center of the layer stood Malsheem, the great citadel-spire that was home to Asmodeus and his infernal court. The Chairdevil of Nessus was the most powerful devil on the layer, and they were rumored to have claimed whole kingdoms in the past for favors from Asmodeus.

Fauna & Flora

Nessus was home to a variety of exotic and dangerous flora and fauna. Nightmare beasts, fierce predators with razor-sharp teeth and claws, roamed the dark caverns and chasms of the layer. Infernal constructs, creatures of metal and fire, were created by the more powerful devils of the layer and often used as guards and sentries. Bloodthorn vines, whose thorns were coated in a potent venom, and shrieking spores, a type of fungus that emitted a deafening screech when disturbed, grew in tangled masses throughout the layer.
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