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The 3rd Layer of Hell

In the third layer of Hell, Minauros, lies an infernal corporation that has reshaped the plane to its core: HellCo, overseen by the insatiable Mammon. The once-desolate wasteland of Minauros has been transformed into a bustling hub of industry and commerce, where the devils under Mammon's employ manage the mining of precious resources and trading in Soulstock, the currency of Hell.   Under Mammon's leadership, HellCo engages in insider trading, using their knowledge of the infernal markets to gain an advantage over their competitors. Mammon's love for wealth has driven him to amass power and influence over Minauros and beyond, making deals with mortals and other devils alike, promising them riches and fortune in exchange for their souls.   But Mammon's greed is not without a sense of humor, as evidenced by the "Soulstock Trading Challenge" he once organized for his underlings. However, the competition quickly devolved into a ruthless game of betrayal and deceit, a testament to the cutthroat nature of HellCo.   Established lore depicts Mammon as one of the original Archdevils, embodying the sin of greed and constantly seeking to increase his wealth and power. His influence over Minauros is absolute, with HellCo dominating the infernal markets and ensuring that the pursuit of wealth remains a driving force in the Nine Hells.   Thanks to Mammon and HellCo, Minauros is no longer the desolate wasteland it once was. It has been transformed into a thriving center of industry and commerce, where devils and mortals alike come to trade in the currency of the infernal plane. But beware, for in Minauros, every deal comes at a price, and the pursuit of wealth can lead to an eternity of suffering.
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