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The 8th Level of Hell

Cania, the eighth layer of the Nine Hells, was a place where infernal science and dark magic intertwined. It was a realm of perpetual winter, where icy winds howled across the bleak landscape, and frigid snows buried everything in their path. The layer was home to the Research and Arcane Investigation (RAI) division of the Baator Conglomerate, which was led by the powerful devil Mephistopheles.   The secretive operations of RAI were shrouded in mystery, and it was said that the devils who worked there delved into the deepest and darkest secrets of the multiverse. Daily life on Cania was consumed by research and experimentation, as the devils sought to uncover new infernal technologies and unlock the secrets of arcane magic. The confidentiality of Cania's projects was of utmost importance, and the security measures in place were both numerous and formidable.   But despite the foreboding nature of the layer, there were also moments of levity and humor. One such incident was the infamous "Science Fair" organized by Mephistopheles, which quickly turned into a chaotic mess of explosions and magical accidents. This event served as a reminder that even in the depths of hell, there could be moments of unexpected humor and entertainment.   Cania was a layer of the Nine Hells that embodied the essence of scientific inquiry and experimentation. It was a place where the boundaries of what was possible were constantly being pushed, and where the most powerful and intelligent devils in all of Baator came together to pursue their dark and twisted passions.  

Research and Arcane Investigation

Research and Arcane Investigation (RAI) is the dominant force in Cania, responsible for developing new infernal technologies and researching arcane secrets that can be used to further the goals of the Baator Conglomerate. Mephistopheles, the President of RAI, is a powerful and feared devil who oversees the operations of the level with an iron fist. His underlings are constantly working to discover new and innovative ways to harness the power of magic and technology, often working long hours in the sprawling research facilities and laboratories that dot the landscape of Cania.   The RAI labs are some of the most sophisticated and well-equipped in all of the Nine Hells, featuring cutting-edge equipment and state-of-the-art technology. Scientists and engineers work tirelessly to develop new weapons, armor, and magical devices that can be used by the Baator Conglomerate in their quest for power and domination. However, security is tight within the RAI labs, and access is strictly limited to those with the proper clearance and authorization.  

Damnation in Cania

Life in Cania is harsh and unforgiving, even for the most hardened of devils. The level is characterized by an icy and barren landscape, where freezing winds whip across the plains and jagged peaks rise up to pierce the sky. The terrain is treacherous and unforgiving, and only the strongest and most resilient creatures can survive for long in the harsh conditions.   The devils who call Cania home are a rugged and stoic lot, accustomed to the harshness of the environment and the endless struggle for survival. They are a tough and resilient people, hardened by centuries of living in a place where damnation is a constant and inescapable reality.   Despite the harshness of life in Cania, the devils who live there are fiercely loyal to the Baator Conglomerate and the goals of the Baatezu. They are constantly working to further the interests of their superiors and advance up the ranks of the corporate ladder, even if it means sacrificing their own lives and those of their comrades in the process.   As adventurers venture through Cania, they will encounter a wide variety of hazards and challenges. The icy terrain and harsh weather conditions can quickly become deadly for those who are unprepared, and the devils who inhabit the level are not to be trifled with. However, there are also opportunities for those who are brave and cunning enough to take them. The RAI labs hold powerful and valuable secrets, and the devils who work there are always on the lookout for new recruits who can help them further their research and development goals.


Cania was a layer of the Nine Hells characterized by a frozen and desolate landscape. It was a place of ice and snow, where the ground was perpetually frozen and the winds howled with icy fury. The layer was divided into two distinct regions: the icy wastelands of the north, and the jagged mountain ranges of the south.   The northern region of Cania was an inhospitable wasteland, where blizzards raged for weeks on end and the temperatures plummeted to deadly lows. The ground was covered in a layer of thick ice and snow, which made travel difficult and dangerous. Despite the harsh conditions, however, the northern region was home to a variety of dangerous creatures, such as ice golems and frost giants, who were adapted to the frigid environment.   The southern region of Cania was dominated by jagged mountain ranges, which towered over the landscape like great, twisted fingers. The mountains were perpetually covered in a layer of snow and ice, which made them treacherous to climb. However, the mountain ranges were also rich in mineral resources, which made them a valuable asset to the Baator Conglomerate.   The terrain of Cania was treacherous and unforgiving, which made it a challenging place to live and work. The devils of Cania were hardened and resilient, however, and they were adapted to the harsh conditions of the layer. They lived in sprawling fortresses and citadels carved into the mountainsides, where they worked tirelessly to uncover new knowledge and create powerful new technologies.

Localized Phenomena

Cania was a layer of the Nine Hells that was home to a variety of unique and dangerous phenomena. The layer was characterized by powerful blizzards and icy winds that could freeze even the hardiest of creatures solid. However, there were also localized phenomena that were even more dangerous.   One of the most notable of these phenomena was the Frostfire, a type of magical flame that burned with a cold blue flame. Frostfire was incredibly dangerous, as it could freeze the flesh of its victims even as it burned them. The devils of Cania had learned to harness the power of Frostfire, and they used it to power many of their infernal machines and weapons.   Another unique phenomenon found in Cania were the Ice Mines. These were massive, naturally occurring caves of ice that contained valuable mineral deposits. The devils of Cania had built a vast mining operation within the Ice Mines, extracting valuable resources that were used to power the infernal machines of the Baator Conglomerate.  

Tips for DMs

DMs can use Cania's localized phenomenon as a way to add unique challenges to their adventures. For example, encounters with creatures that have been exposed to Frostfire could inflict cold and fire damage simultaneously, or adventurers exploring the treacherous terrain of Cania could be subject to exhaustion due to the constant blizzards and harsh winds.   The Ice Mines could also serve as a location for an adventure. Adventurers could be hired by the Baator Conglomerate to clear out dangerous creatures that have taken up residence in the mines, or they could be tasked with protecting the mining operation from rival factions seeking to steal the valuable resources within.


Cania, also known as the eighth layer of the Nine Hells, was a realm dedicated to Research and Arcane Investigation (RAI), where Mephistopheles, the President of RAI, ruled over the level's secretive operations with an iron fist. The geography of Cania was characterized by icy tundras, vast glaciers, and treacherous mountain ranges that stretched as far as the eye could see. These harsh and inhospitable conditions made life difficult for those who dwelled on the layer, but it also made Cania a perfect location for secretive and dangerous research.   The local phenomena of Cania was a source of endless fascination and terror for the devils who made their homes on the layer. The intense cold of the layer had created a variety of localized phenomena, including the infamous "Frozen Fires" that burned with an eerie blue flame that could freeze any creature solid in seconds. Another terrifying phenomena was the "Ice Storms," which raged across the layer with incredible force, destroying everything in their path.   Despite the dangers of Cania, Mephistopheles and his infernal court continued their relentless pursuit of knowledge and power. One notable incident was the "Science Fair" that Mephistopheles organized for his underlings. The event quickly devolved into a series of explosive mishaps and magical accidents, causing extensive damage to the research facilities and resulting in several injuries. Mephistopheles was not amused, but the incident became the stuff of legend among the devils of Cania.   Throughout its history, Cania has been the site of many significant events, both historical and mythological. The layer was said to have been the site of the epic battle between Asmodeus and the archdevil Mephistopheles, which ended in a stalemate that cemented Mephistopheles' position as one of the most powerful devils in all of Baator. The layer was also rumored to be the location of a lost city of ice, a place of incredible power and wealth that was sought after by adventurers and scholars alike.   Despite the many legends and tales that surround Cania, it remains a place of great danger and mystery, with countless secrets waiting to be uncovered. The devils of Cania continue their pursuit of knowledge and power, using the harsh and inhospitable conditions of the layer to their advantage. What other important events will unfold on Cania in the future, and what new horrors will be uncovered in its frozen wastes? Only time will tell.
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