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Mammon, the Chief Executive Devil of HellCo, was known throughout the Nine Hells for his insatiable greed and love of wealth. He oversaw the corporatization of Minauros, turning it into a hub of industry and commerce unlike any other plane of Hell.   Under Mammon's watchful eye, the devils of HellCo engaged in the mining of precious resources and trading in Soulstock, the currency of Hell. The pursuit of wealth and power was their driving force, and they stopped at nothing to amass more of both. Insider trading was common practice, and Mammon himself was known to manipulate the infernal markets for his own gain.   Despite his reputation for greed, Mammon was not without a sense of humor. He once organized a "Soulstock Trading Challenge" for his underlings, promising a grand prize to the winner. However, the challenge quickly devolved into a ruthless competition, with devils betraying one another in an attempt to come out on top.   According to established lore, Mammon was one of the original Archdevils, having ruled over Minauros since the beginning of the Nine Hells. He was the embodiment of avarice, constantly seeking to amass more wealth and power. He offered deals to mortals, promising them riches and fortune in exchange for their souls.   Since the corporatization of the Nine Hells, Mammon had reveled in his avarice like never before. HellCo and Mammon's Wealth brought unprecedented levels of industry and commerce to Minauros, and their influence could be felt throughout the multiverse. Mammon's love of wealth and power was matched only by his shrewd business sense, and he made HellCo one of the most profitable subsidiaries of the Baator Conglomerate.   But make no mistake - the pursuit of wealth in the Nine Hells came at a steep price. The devils of HellCo were ruthless in their pursuit of profit, and the deals they offered to mortals always came at a cost. Mammon and his underlings stopped at nothing to amass more wealth and power, and their avarice forever changed the face of Minauros.
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