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Deep in the bowels of the Nine Hells, where the stench of sulfur and brimstone permeates the air and the screams of the damned echo endlessly, lies Maladomini. This layer is the domain of Baalzebul, one of the most cunning and ruthless devils in all of Baator. Baalzebul's primary focus is not on ruling over the souls of the damned, but rather on commerce and the acquisition of wealth and power.   At the heart of Baalzebul's infernal empire lies MalaMart, a sprawling network of markets, warehouses, and distribution centers that spans across the planes of existence. From Filth Tower, an imposing skyscraper visible from everywhere on Maladomini, to remote outposts in distant realms, MalaMart is the lifeblood of the infernal economy.   MalaMart is more than just a marketplace, however. It is a way of life for the devils of Maladomini, who spend their days managing supply chains, negotiating deals with interplanar suppliers, and devising aggressive expansion strategies to increase profits. Every aspect of life on Maladomini is touched by MalaMart, from the food devils eat to the weapons they wield.   Despite its diabolical nature, MalaMart is not immune to the quirks and absurdities of mortal commerce. In a tongue-in-cheek event, Baalzebul hosted a "Black Friday Sale" that turned into a chaotic free-for-all as devils and customers alike fought for the best deals. This event is just one example of the strange and often darkly humorous nature of life in the infernal marketplace.  
  With its vast reach and insatiable thirst for wealth and power, MalaMart is a force to be reckoned with in the multiverse. For those brave enough to venture into the heart of Maladomini, the rewards can be great, but the risks are even greater.
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