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Deep within the frigid and unforgiving depths of the Stygian layer of hell lies STYGFRYG, the Baator Conglomerate's infernal ice exporting company. From the treacherous ice mines to the infernal markets of the multiverse, STYGFRYG controls the production and distribution of Stygia's most valuable commodity. Trapped within a prison of ice, Levistus, the former CED of STYGFRYG, is unable to manage the company and has passed the torch to his successor, Geryon. Despite the challenges of operating within the icy climes of Stygia, Geryon and his team are relentless in their pursuit of profit, even hosting infernal ice sculpture contests to promote their brand. Join us as we delve into the chilling depths of STYGFRYG and explore the inner workings of one of Baator Conglomerate's most important subsidiaries.

"Cooler than the 9th Circle of Hell."

Corporation, Mining/Resources
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories


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