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As one of the most powerful and influential devils in the Nine Hells, Baalzebul's name is synonymous with the cut-throat world of interplanar commerce. As the Chief Executive Devil of MalaMart, he oversees the largest and most successful corporation in all of the Lower Planes, a company that has expanded its reach to every corner of the multiverse.   Baalzebul's obsession with profit and power knows no bounds, and he has become infamous for his ruthless tactics and cunning strategies. His fixation on the trade of souls, particularly Soulstock and Soulcoins, has made him one of the wealthiest and most influential devils in all of the Nine Hells, and he is always looking for new ways to exploit this valuable resource.   Despite his immense wealth and power, Baalzebul is not without his critics. Many have accused him of being a heartless and despicable figure, one who is willing to sacrifice anything and anyone in his quest for wealth and dominance. His involvement in the "Black Friday Sale" on Maladomini only served to cement this reputation, as devils and customers alike fought tooth and nail for the best deals on Soulstock and other infernal commodities.   But despite his many detractors, Baalzebul remains one of the most powerful and influential devils in the Nine Hells, a figure whose name is synonymous with greed, ambition, and the ruthless pursuit of power. For those brave enough to cross his path, the price of doing business with him is always high, and the consequences of failure are often dire.
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