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In Asmodeus' heavily corporatized vision of the Nine Hells, the Archdevil Dispater had been reimagined as the Chief Executive Devil (CED) of HellCo, a subsidiary of the Baator Conglomerate. HellCo, situated in Minauros, the third layer of Hell, was overseen by the Founder and Chief Executive Devil, Mammon. Dispater faced a unique challenge in leading the company, as his underlings, including the demoted Archdevil Belial as Chief Devil of Operations, were subversive towards him through malicious compliance. This chronicle explores the power dynamics, subversive actions, and corporate culture within HellCo, as well as how Dispater managed to maintain control.

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Mammon, as the founder, wielded immense power and influence over HellCo. His primary motivation was to expand his wealth and control, often at the expense of others. Dispater, the master strategist, focused on maintaining his position and outmaneuvering his treacherous underlings to achieve his goals. Belial, demoted and resentful, sought to undermine Dispater's authority, hoping to reclaim his lost power and status within the organization.   The underlings' malicious compliance created numerous obstacles for HellCo, as it slowed down processes, misdirected resources, and undermined the overall efficiency of the company. However, these actions also served as a constant test of Dispater's strategic prowess and ability to navigate a hostile corporate environment.   Belial, as Chief Devil of Operations, had ample opportunities to engage in subversive actions. For example, he intentionally misinterpreted Dispater's directives, causing delays in projects and operational inefficiencies. He also encouraged his subordinates to follow suit, creating a chain reaction of malicious compliance throughout the company.   Dispater's mastery of strategy and intrigue allowed him to maintain control over HellCo despite the malicious compliance of his underlings. He carefully monitored their actions, anticipating their moves, and countering them with well-calculated decisions. He also formed strategic alliances with key individuals within the company to build a network of loyal supporters.   The corporate culture of HellCo was defined by its cutthroat, Machiavellian nature. The atmosphere was one of constant tension and suspicion, as underlings vied for power and favor from their superiors. This culture contributed to the overall oppressive and treacherous environment of Dis and Minauros, reflecting the true nature of the Nine Hells.
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