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Levistus, the Archdevil who once reigned over Stygia, was a tragic figure in the infernal hierarchy. His fate was sealed when he made a deal with Asmodeus, the Lord of the Nine Hells, a deal that led to his downfall and imprisonment in a block of ice. While he was unable to move or communicate, his influence was still felt throughout the fifth layer of Hell.   Levistus' story serves as a cautionary tale of the dangers of unchecked ambition. Despite his immense power and strategic mind, he found himself trapped in ice, forced to watch as his once-great domain was ruled by others. Yet even in his frozen state, Levistus' presence was still felt in Stygia, where Geryon, his subordinate, served as the CED of StygFryg and managed the infernal ice exporting company on his behalf.   The mining operations and distribution of infernal ice that took place on Stygia were a constant reminder of Levistus' former power and influence. And while he may have been physically imprisoned, the incident of the infernal ice sculpture contest showed that his influence could still have unexpected consequences. Levistus remained an important figure in the infernal hierarchy, a warning to all who would seek to make deals with devils and an enduring reminder of the perils of unchecked ambition.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

According to forgotten lore, Levistus made a deal with Asmodeus that ultimately led to his imprisonment in a block of ice. Asmodeus, the Lord of the Nine Hells, is known for his cunning and strategic mind, and it's likely that he saw potential in Levistus and struck a deal with him.   However, the details of the deal and the events that led to Levistus' imprisonment are not entirely clear. It's possible that Levistus overreached in his ambition and tried to challenge Asmodeus' authority, leading to his punishment. Alternatively, Asmodeus may have used Levistus as a pawn in a larger scheme, ultimately leaving him trapped and powerless.   Regardless of the specifics, it's clear that Levistus' relationship with Asmodeus was one of both opportunity and danger. As an Archdevil, Levistus held a position of power and influence in the infernal hierarchy, but this also made him a target for other ambitious devils. Making deals with powerful figures like Asmodeus can be a double-edged sword, as it can lead to great rewards but also great risks.   Levistus' imprisonment in a block of ice serves as a warning to other devils about the dangers of overreaching and making deals with more powerful beings. It also highlights the intricate politics and power dynamics that exist within the infernal hierarchy, where even the most powerful figures can fall from grace and suffer dire consequences.

Morality & Philosophy

Levistus' wicked morality and philosophy are a topic of much debate among the sages of the infernal planes. While some view him as a tragic figure, others see him as a cautionary tale of the dangers of ambivalence in the face of power and temptation.   According to legend, Levistus was a devil who valued his own personal freedom above all else. He made a deal with Asmodeus, the Lord of the Nine Hells, in order to gain more power and influence. However, as his power grew, he began to question the nature of his servitude to Asmodeus and his place in the infernal hierarchy.   Some sages speculate that Levistus' ambivalence and indecision may have contributed to his downfall. Rather than choosing a clear path, he vacillated between rebellion and obedience, ultimately leading to his imprisonment in ice. Others suggest that his wicked morality and philosophy, based on self-preservation and the pursuit of power at all costs, ultimately led to his downfall.   Despite his current condition, Levistus remains an important figure in infernal lore. Some devils view him as a tragic hero, a victim of his own ambition and indecision. Others view him as a warning of the dangers of treachery and disobedience.   Whatever the truth may be, Levistus' story serves as a reminder of the complex and often perilous nature of the infernal planes, and the importance of choosing a clear path in the face of temptation and ambition.
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Trapped in Infernal Ice
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