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Celestial Tempest of Infernal Dominion

Once, in a corporatized version of the Nine Hells, Archdevil Zariel was the Chief Executive Devil (CED) of the formidable Avernus Security Company. A former angel, Zariel was no stranger to navigating the twisted politics and power struggles of the infernal realm. As the CED, she faced relentless challenges from rival forces and hordes of demons.   Zariel's leadership style was a unique fusion of her angelic past and her violent, devilish nature. She valued discipline and order but was also unafraid to wield brutal force when necessary. This combination earned her the respect and loyalty of her infernal subordinates but also created tension with other Archdevils in the corporate hierarchy.   One of the most notable rivalries was between Zariel and Bel, the erstwhile ruler of Avernus. Although Bel eventually served as one of her top lieutenants, their relationship was fraught with tension and rivalry. The chaotic team-building retreat orchestrated by Bel was but one example of their perpetual power struggle.   In addition to managing her relationships with other Archdevils, Zariel needed to navigate the intricate Soul economy of Hell. Souls were the currency and lifeblood of the infernal realm, and Avernus Security Company was deeply involved in acquiring, protecting, and trading these precious resources. Zariel's angelic past provided her a unique perspective on the value of souls, which influenced her corporate strategies and decision-making.   The structure of Avernus Security Company was complex, with various divisions and key personnel under Zariel's command. Some of the divisions included Soul Acquisition, Soul Protection, Infernal Relations, and Research & Development. Each division was led by a talented and fearsome devil handpicked by Zariel, ensuring that the company operated as efficiently as possible.   As for daily life in Avernus, it was a chaotic blend of violence, cunning, and ambition. Zariel spent much of her time managing her subordinates, dealing with rival forces, and negotiating with other Archdevils. Despite the cutthroat atmosphere, there were moments of humor and intrigue, as devils and demons were known for their penchant for deception and manipulation. For instance, Bel's chaotic team-building retreat was filled with unexpected twists, as Zariel and her team navigated various challenges designed to test their loyalty, cunning, and resourcefulness.   In the end, Zariel's tenure as CED of Avernus Security Company was rife with challenges and power struggles. Her angelic past and devilish nature combined to create a unique leadership style that both inspired loyalty and incited friction with her rivals. Daily life in Avernus was a chaotic mixture of politics, violence, and humor, as Zariel worked tirelessly to maintain her position and navigate the complexities of the Soul economy. And so, the tale of Zariel's rule in Avernus was etched into the annals of infernal history.

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