Chief Legal Devil Litigax Contractus Infernus (a.k.a. The Silver-Tongued Devil, Master of Infernal Law)

In the labyrinthine corridors of HellCo, a subsidiary of the Baator Conglomerate, Litigax the Silver-Tongued Devil walks with an air of calculated confidence. His suit, woven from the essence of captured souls and brimstone silk, is a testament to his infernal elegance. The document he holds isn't just paper; it's a multi-dimensional contract that could alter the balance of power in the eternal cosmic chess game.   Litigax's office is a sanctuary of diabolical sophistication. Shelves filled with ancient tomes and legal documents stretch from floor to ceiling. His obsidian desk holds the "Seal of Eternal Bondage," a magical stamp that ensures the unbreakable nature of his contracts.   As he settles into his chair, embroidered with flames that dance but do not burn, a knock interrupts his thoughts. A junior devil, visibly anxious, stands at the door. "Sir, the Board of Infernal Affairs requests your immediate presence."   Litigax grins, revealing a set of teeth as white as the souls he's claimed. "Ah, the Board. Always in need of legal counsel, aren't they? Inform them I'll be there momentarily."   The junior devil scurries away, and Litigax reflects on his journey. Rising to the position of Chief Legal Devil wasn't just a matter of legal expertise; it required navigating the treacherous politics of Hell, overseen by the Board of Infernal Affairs and ultimately, the Chairdevil of the Board, Asmodeus. It's a dance of power, ambition, and cunning, one that Litigax has mastered with devilish delight.   As he leaves his office, Litigax twirls his phoenix feather quill, contemplating his next strategic move. The Board may wield immense power, overseeing realms of torment and vast industries, but in the marbled halls of HellCo, it's Litigax who understands the true power of words and contracts. After all, even in the Baator Conglomerate, the devil is in the details.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Litigax is in peak physical condition, embodying the infernal ideal of strength and agility with a lean, muscular build that stands at an imposing 6'6". His crimson skin is unmarred by any signs of illness or affliction, a testament to his robust health and vitality. No physical aids or abnormalities are apparent, reinforcing his image as a Devil of formidable prowess.

Body Features

Litigax's physique is a masterful blend of infernal aesthetics and functional prowess, a living testament to the diabolical craftsmanship that shaped him.  
Skin and Coloration
  His skin is a deep, rich crimson, a hue that seems to absorb the ambient light, giving him an almost otherworldly glow. This isn't mere pigmentation; it's a canvas of infernal heritage, a mark of his lineage that stretches back to the primordial fires of Avernus.  
Musculature and Build
  Litigax's build is lean yet muscular, a harmonious balance that speaks of both agility and strength. Each muscle seems to have been sculpted with purpose, a functional anatomy designed for the rigors of Hell's cutthroat legal arenas as much as its physical ones. His form is devoid of any excess, a streamlined figure that moves with the fluidity of a predatory cat stalking its prey.  
Horns and Infernal Runes
  Protruding from his forehead are two twisted horns, each inscribed with infernal runes that shimmer with a subtle, malevolent light. These are not mere decorations; they are reservoirs of arcane power, conduits that channel the dark energies of the Nine Hells. The runes themselves are etched in an ancient script, a dialect known only to the most erudite scholars of infernal law, and they spell out clauses of contracts long forgotten but never broken.  
Facial Features
  Litigax's face is a study in angular precision, with high cheekbones and a chiseled jawline that could have been cut from volcanic rock. His eyes are piercing yellow orbs that seem to see right through you, windows to a mind always calculating the next move. When he smiles, it's with a set of impeccably white, pointed teeth, a grin that is as disarming as it is predatory.  
Tail and Other Appendages
  His tail is long and sinuous, tapering to a spade-like tip. It moves with an autonomy of its own, as if sensing the emotional currents of the room, flicking with delight at the prospect of a new contract or coiling in concentration during complex negotiations.  
Height and Stature
  Standing at an imposing 6'6", Litigax towers over most other beings, a vertical advantage he often uses to assert dominance in both social and professional settings. His height, combined with his muscular build, contributes to an aura of undeniable authority.

Facial Features

Litigax's facial features are a striking tableau of infernal elegance and calculated menace, designed to both captivate and intimidate. His face is sharply angular, with high, prominent cheekbones that give him an air of aristocratic disdain. These cheekbones serve as natural highlights, catching the dim light of the infernal realms and casting subtle shadows that accentuate the depth of his visage.   His eyes are perhaps his most unsettling feature: piercing yellow orbs set deep within their sockets, glowing faintly as if lit from within by some unholy fire. These eyes are not merely windows to the soul but scrutinizing lenses that seem to dissect your very essence, calculating the worth of your soul with a mere glance. The pupils are elongated slits, reminiscent of a serpent's, and they contract or dilate with unnerving speed, adapting to shifts in light and emotion.   His nose is straight and narrow, perfectly proportioned to his face, neither too long nor too short. It's the kind of nose that suggests a natural air of authority, a central anchor that brings a sense of symmetry and balance to his other features.   Litigax's mouth is a study in duality. At rest, his lips are a thin, straight line, giving nothing away, a sealed contract that divulges no secrets. But when he smiles, it's a transformative act. His lips part to reveal a set of teeth that are unnaturally white and pointed, evoking the predatory nature of a carnivore. This smile can be disarmingly charming, designed to put you at ease, but it's also a weapon, a visual cue that signals the moment when you've entered into a dangerous game of wits and negotiation.   His jawline is chiseled and strong, tapering to a slightly pointed chin that completes the overall triangular shape of his face. This jawline is not just an aesthetic feature; it's a physical manifestation of his unyielding resolve and determination, a foundational structure that supports the weight of his ambitions.   Taken together, Litigax's facial features are not merely a collection of individual elements but a cohesive whole, a visage meticulously crafted to serve his complex interplay of roles: negotiator, manipulator, and, ultimately, soul-binder. Each feature serves a purpose, contributing to a countenance that is as compelling as it is fearsome, as inviting as it is cautionary. It's a face that you're unlikely to forget, for better or worse, long after you've left his unsettling presence.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Litigax Contractus Infernus was born in the tumultuous realm of Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells. The offspring of lesser devils, he was not predestined for greatness by birthright. However, his innate talents for language and manipulation quickly set him apart from his infernal peers. As a young Devil, he displayed an uncanny ability to twist words and exploit loopholes, skills that caught the eyes of his superiors.   Recognizing his potential, Litigax was sent to the prestigious Hellish Academy of Law and Torture. Here, he honed his skills under the tutelage of some of the most cunning devils in the infernal realms. Graduating summa cum laude, Litigax entered the workforce as a legal associate at HellCo, a subsidiary of the Baator Conglomerate. His rise through the ranks was meteoric; his cunning intellect and knack for crafting unbreakable contracts made him an invaluable asset.   His career reached a pinnacle when he was appointed the Chief Legal Devil (CLD) of the Baator Conglomerate. In this role, Litigax was instrumental in negotiating the privatization of the Nine Hells, a monumental event that solidified his reputation as one of the most powerful beings in Hell. His influence extended beyond mere contracts; he became a key player in the political machinations of the infernal hierarchy, engaging in complex relationships with archdevils like Mammon and Mephistopheles.   Despite his many successes, Litigax's career has not been without setbacks. He once lost a high-profile case to a mortal—a rare blemish on an otherwise impeccable record. This defeat has become a driving force for Litigax, fueling his relentless pursuit of the perfect, unbreakable contract.   Today, Litigax continues to serve as the Chief Legal Devil, his name whispered in both awe and fear throughout the Nine Hells. His life stands as a testament to the power of cunning, the art of the deal, and the endless possibilities that arise from a mastery of infernal law.

Personality Characteristics


The Pursuit of Perfection in Contractual Law

  At the core of Litigax's motivations lies an insatiable desire for perfection in the realm of contractual law. This is not merely a professional aspiration but a deeply ingrained drive that fuels his every action. For Litigax, the crafting of an unbreakable, foolproof contract is the ultimate achievement, a magnum opus that would solidify his legacy in the annals of infernal history. His ceaseless quest for this elusive perfection is what propels him to continually refine his skills, study ancient tomes, and engage in intellectual duels with both mortals and immortals alike.  

Accumulation of Power and Influence

  Litigax's ambitions are not confined to the legal sphere alone. He is acutely aware that contracts are the lifeblood of power dynamics in the Nine Hells, and by mastering them, he gains considerable leverage over other infernal entities. His role as the Chief Legal Devil of the Baator Conglomerate is not just a job but a strategic position that allows him to exert influence over the various layers of Hell. The accumulation of this power serves as both a means to an end and an end in itself, providing him with the resources and authority to pursue his other objectives.  

Intellectual Gratification and the Joy of the Game

  While it may seem paradoxical, Litigax derives immense intellectual satisfaction from the complexities and intricacies of legal maneuvering. For him, each negotiation is a chess match, each contract a puzzle to be solved. The "game" of outwitting opponents, exploiting loopholes, and setting legal traps provides him with a level of gratification that transcends mere professional success. It's a cerebral joy that few can comprehend but is integral to understanding the essence of Litigax.  

Vindication and Revenge

  Despite his many successes, Litigax is not without his failures. The rare instances where he has been bested—either through his own oversight or the cunning of an opponent—leave a lasting imprint on his infernal psyche. These are not mere setbacks but affronts to his identity that he seeks to avenge. The drive for vindication adds a personal dimension to his motivations, making him a relentless and, at times, ruthless adversary.  

The Quest for the Ultimate Contract

  Perhaps the most enigmatic of his drives is the pursuit of the "Ultimate Contract"—a mythical, unbreakable agreement that could bind even gods to its clauses. While some dismiss this as an impossible fantasy, for Litigax, it represents the pinnacle of his art and the ultimate validation of his life's work. Whether this quest is achievable remains to be seen, but it serves as the North Star guiding all his endeavors.
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