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Yeenoghu (a.k.a. Yinogu)

In the distant past of Rolara, when the land was still untamed and magic pulsed beneath the surface, Yeenoghu, the Demon Lord of Gnolls, underwent a transformation. Taking on the name Yinogu, he became the embodiment of primal savagery, a force of nature that threatened to rip the world apart.   Yinogu, the Ravager of Worlds, was a being of fury and chaos. His gnarled, bestial form struck fear into the hearts of mortals, and his bloodlust was insatiable. He roamed the wilds of Rolara, leaving a trail of devastation in his wake.   In the shadows of the wilderness, a tribe of gnolls, the brutal and fierce Kuthra, fell under Yinogu's sway. The demonic influence twisted their minds and bodies, molding them into savage, insatiable hunters. Led by their chieftain, Ralak the Bloodied, they devoted themselves to Yinogu, worshipping him as their patron and master.   The Kuthra became the harbingers of Yinogu's wrath, striking fear into the hearts of the people of Rolara. They terrorized villages and towns, slaughtering indiscriminately in the name of their dark patron. The reign of terror spread across the land, the influence of the Ravager of Worlds ever growing in strength.   As Yinogu's power waxed, a hero rose to oppose him: Althea, a skilled ranger who had seen her family slaughtered by the Kuthra. With a heart full of vengeance, she vowed to hunt down Yinogu and his followers, putting an end to their brutal reign.   Althea's journey took her through the wilds of Rolara, where she encountered various allies who shared her hatred for the demonic gnolls. Together, they formed the Silver Vanguard, a coalition of warriors, mages, and rogues dedicated to eradicating the influence of Yinogu and the Kuthra.   As the Silver Vanguard clashed with the Kuthra, the world of Rolara trembled under the weight of their conflict. The very land seemed to cry out in pain, as if the struggle between the forces of order and chaos threatened to tear it asunder.   Ultimately, the Silver Vanguard confronted Ralak the Bloodied in a battle that shook the heavens. The duel between Althea and Ralak raged for hours, their blades singing through the air as they exchanged blow after blow. In the end, Althea struck down the chieftain, her blade piercing his black heart.   With Ralak's death, Yinogu's grip on the Kuthra began to weaken. Sensing their master's waning power, the remaining gnolls scattered to the winds. Yinogu, the Ravager of Worlds, retreated into the shadows, his reign of terror finally at an end.   The story of Yinogu's rise and fall in Rolara serves as a cautionary tale, warning of the dangers of unchecked savagery and the power of the wilds. It is also a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who stand against the forces of chaos, a reminder that even the darkest of times, hope can be found in the most unlikely of places.
Divine Classification
Demon Prince
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