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Hyena Gate Gang


The Boss meets with potential clients, and sends an appropriate assassin to do the work in as brutal a manner as possible. At the bottom of the hierarchy are new recruits to the gang, who must be initiated by drinking the blood and eating the heart of their first murder victim.


Hyena Gate Gang members value bloodthirsty slaughter, so there is a culture of in-fighting. The most ruthless and brutal member will become the Boss, and currently Black Lotus keeps his assassins in check through fear and greed.   Many members are known for their love of the Demon Yinogu, a hyena/Human beast that haunts their minds. Devout worshipers of the gang can be found performing Human sacrifices over stone alters in the wilderness.

Public Agenda

The Hyena Gate Gang avoids prosectution by publicly defending Jiaohai from monstrous incursions, officially hired by King Zhou of Jiaohai.

Granted Divine Powers

Certain Hyena Gate have access to dread abilities granted by the Prince of Slaughter. Some a rumored to be able to take on hyena like features that they use to inflict damage and terror onto their victims.
Secret, Religious sect
Alternative Names
Hyena Gate
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Notable Members

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