Secret Sect of the Celestial Spirit Sentinels

The Celestial Spirit Sentinels are an order of itinerant warrior-monks who patrol the edges of civilization, combatting threats unimaginable to the common folk. They stand as Protectors of the Realm and Slayers of the monstrosities that threaten it. Members roam the countryside and wilderness searching for monsters, or clues to lead them to their quarry. The sight of a Sentinel in town often confirms villagers’ worst fears, but is a welcome sight nonetheless - for it heralds an end of the evil plaguing their peaceful lives. Sentinels ask for no gold, insisting that they perform this work as a duty, but townspeople do their best to chip in for a bounty to offer as a ‘thank you’ anyway. When they are too poor, as they often are, they offer help in other ways, such as food and shelter - though Sentinels are just comfortable sleeping in the wilds as they are in a bed.   The Order evolved out of the House of the Kite, a monastery founded by Kwi al’Lisan. It was here that she taught the Way of the Kite, a martial art specialized in hunting and slaying monsters - a necessity for a world in which magic was sealed away from the mortal races. The school gained notoriety after a demonstration of the style’s effectiveness in the Bellatorius Ferox Torneamentum PRIMUS, in which Kwi and the Guardians of the Hidden Citadel fought and slew the fearsome Tarrasque. Many of the students who came to train under Kwi in the years following became the first Sentinels in the new Order. As the Order grew, an official headquarters was established, apart from its monastic origin, and the “Celestial Spirit Sentinels” moniker was officially adopted. It was at this time that the Order began to accept different fighting styles; many Samurai, Sohei and Shugenja now count themselves as members. To this day, however, many of the most revered Sentinels are still practitioners of the Way of the Kite.   In spite of the Order’s evolution, there was one other tradition started by Kwi which was retained over the centuries: a Secret Sect within the Celestial Spirit Sentinels.   But to understand this Sect, one must know that the legacy of Kwi al’Lisan begins not with her extraordinary deeds, but with her extraordinary heritage: that of the Aasimar, one touched of the power of Memora and bearing within their soul the light of The Mythekah. Channeled through her celestial blood, Kwi received dreams, visions and intuitive guidance, foretelling the magic that lay hidden, beyond the reach of mortals, and the terrifying creatures that dwell beyond the veil, where magic still flourished. She saw fire and fangs; incursions and invasions; bloodshed, suffering and death. And she knew that her Sentinels would be needed to combat these otherworldly threats as well.   And so the Secret Sect was born, bound to safeguard the mortal realms from the predations of extraplanar creatures, and taking oaths to uphold the tenets of vigilance, loyalty and discipline. The members, known as Watchers and numbering only two, were comprised of a Master, known as the Jade Eye, and an Apprentice.   These Watchers trained to hone their minds, spirits, and bodies to be the ultimate weapons against such threats, and stood ever vigilant in spotting the influence of extraplanar forces. Such clandestine operations often required a network of spies and informants to gather information on cults suspected to be in league with fiends, aberrations, elementals, fey and even corrupted celestials. In order to aid them on their vigil, these Watchers needed unique tools and a particular set of skills. As such, they were often misunderstood by those who lived blissfully unaware of these threats, viewed as peculiar and idiosyncratic individuals who easily fell victim to conspiracies. Little do they know that there is far worse than the monsters that lay in the deep, dark places of this world…
Secret, Religious sect
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