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Pavilion of Prominent Emergence

Each room in this tower lead to a different plane of existence. Many creatures from the myriad planes emerged from the pavilion each day, and were processed as travelers to the Prime Material Plane by the Office of Heavenly Customs and Tourism, which reported to a lieutenant of the Jade God. Founded by a pupil of the Secret Sect of the Celestial Spirit Sentinels, it was the only way for extraplanar entities to legally visit the material plane without drawing the unwanted attention from the warriors.
  It was defunct, though maintained by an initiated acolyte of the faith, for more than 1500 years. In 921 of the Celestial Calendar, the Stars of Power were reignited and the tower buzzed to life. Initially, an untold number of creatures went off into the world, but Radiant Feathers worked with Bi Zhashe to staff the pavilion with angels soon after.

Purpose / Function

Primary emigration hub for the material plane.
Alternative Names
Yongxian Pagoda
Tower, Mage
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