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Six Lizards

Six Lizards was a stalwart warrior and dedicated scholar in the Mythic Land of Jiao. Though he reached the pinnacle of his order and died an unsung savior of the realm, he rose from humble beginnings - his father, a warrior-poet; his mother, a traveling tutor to noble children across the kingdoms. As a boy, he was fascinated by his father’s romantic tales of brave warriors and fearsome demons - much to his mother’s annoyance, for no educated person believes in such things. Though he always planned to follow in his parents footsteps, everything changed one fateful night when he returned home to find his parents, and everyone else in the compound in which they lived, slaughtered by some unknown beast. Devastated, he vowed to hunt the monster down and destroy it.
    He discovered in the writings and educational materials of his parents references to an order of warriors dedicated to defending the people of Jiao from such monstrosities - the Secret Sect of the Celestial Spirit Sentinels - and set off to find and join them. Several years later - now matured, and a valorous warrior in his own right - he did just that. He rose through the ranks quickly, and gained a reputation both for his skill on the battlefield and his inspiring tales of mythical heroes and the foes they slew. Eventually, his growing prestige caught the attention of a reclusive senior member of the order, who tracked him down in the dead of night and introduced himself the Jade Eye. He claimed to be the lone Master of a Secret Sect within the order, tasked with watching over the mortal realm and guarding it from the threats that lie beyond its edges. Six Lizards knew in his heart that these were no mere tall tales - these, and even the stories his father told him, were all true; and so he agreed to be the Jade Eye’s apprentice.   Years passed, and his strength and knowledge grew. The day eventually came for the Jade Eye, along with his apprentice, Six Lizards, to face the Secret Sect’s nemesis: a terrible fiend known as the Black Behemoth. Upon defeating this fiend, the Jade Eye retired, passing his role as Master of the Secret Sect of Celestial Spirit Sentinels to his apprentice. Assuming the title Jade Eye, Six Lizards soon made a frightening discovery: Black Behemoth was but a servant to an even more terrible threat: Ten Thousand Demons. Now with a new nemesis, he set off find an apprentice and begin the next chapter in the Sect’s storied history.


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