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Graveyard Skippers

The Most Feared Aerial Gang in Rolara

Descending Danger

  Lord Aelar of Cresthaven, burdened by worry, occupied his dimly lit study. The glow from the fireplace, warm and inviting, did little to thaw the chill in his bones. This chill stemmed not from the evening air, but from alarming news that had recently reached him.   Graveyard Skippers, the name whispered in hushed tones, had come to Cresthaven.   Whispers about these infamous outlaws, known as the "Skyrats" by commoners, had spread like wildfire. Their arrival cast a shadow over the land, an ominous sign of trouble brewing.   Their motto, "Death from Above," resonated ominously in the skies as they descended upon towns. A proclamation of dominance, it symbolized their rule over the skies with their fearsome Liondrakes.   Visions of these raiders haunted Lord Aelar: rugged figures on majestic, intimidating beasts, their attire shimmering in the sunlight as they took to the air. The Liondrakes, a blend of draconic and leonine features, were magnificent yet menacing.   To Aelar, these Skippers represented more than mere rebels. They challenged the very fabric of the societal order, threatening his authority. Their blatant disregard for established norms was not just an affront to him but to the entire system of governance.   Confronting them seemed an insurmountable task. His soldiers, valiant as they were, remained earthbound, while the Skippers dominated the skies, striking with speed and vanishing before retaliation. This untouchable aspect of their power was what disturbed him most deeply.   Standing by the window, Aelar gazed out at the serene night sky, its tranquil stars belying the internal tempest he faced. The Graveyard Skippers' presence in Cresthaven loomed like a brewing storm, an inevitable challenge awaiting confrontation.   For the moment, his only option was to wait, vigilantly observing the skies, hoping the Skippers' time in Cresthaven would pass uneventfully. Yet, deep down, he sensed that their arrival marked the dawn of a new era, a precursor to forthcoming trials.


The Graveyard Skippers, despite their outlaw status, have implemented a democratic system unusual for groups of their kind. Typically, aerial guilds, particularly those branded as outlaws, lean towards autocratic or charismatic leadership. However, the Skippers' structure is parliamentary in nature, reflecting a sophisticated and almost contradictory ethos.  

The Chapter Hierarchy

Each local unit, known as a Chapter, forms the foundational block of the Graveyard Skippers. These Chapters are not mere anarchic collectives but structured entities led by an elected Panel. At the helm is the Prime Boss, a position of notable authority, yet restrained by democratic checks and balances.   The Chapters exhibit a remarkable degree of autonomy, governed by the unique challenges and cultural nuances of their respective territories. However, this autonomy does not equate to disarray or disunity; rather, it reflects a decentralized approach to governance, allowing for swift and context-sensitive decision-making.   A Chapter is empowered to appoint Underbosses to lead important tasks and groups.  

The Overarching Governance

Above the individual Chapters stands the Overboss, elected to preside over the collective entity of the Graveyard Skippers. The Overboss, along with the Overpanel – a council comprising representatives from each Chapter – ensures cohesion and consistency in the gang's broader strategies and policies.   This hierarchical yet democratic structure is an innovative amalgamation of outlaw freedom and structured governance, challenging the traditional narrative of lawlessness typically associated with such groups.  

The Election Cycle

The Graveyard Skippers adhere to a rigorous election cycle, with elections held every three years. This regularity ensures a dynamic leadership, preventing stagnation and promoting a continuous influx of new ideas and strategies.   Term limits are enforced strictly, with Bosses limited to a single term and Panelists to two. This system prevents the entrenchment of power, a common pitfall in both legitimate and illegitimate organizations.  

The Role of Administrative Functions

Intriguingly, the Graveyard Skippers place significant emphasis on administrative roles within their meetings. The act of taking minutes or reading the agenda, though seemingly mundane, is accorded respect. Often, these roles are assigned to volunteers or honorees, reflecting an inclusive approach to governance and a subtle nod to the importance of record-keeping and procedural formality.


Tales abound in Rolara's rich tapestry of history, yet none so enthralling as the saga of the Graveyard Skippers. This band of aerial adventurers, revered for their skill with the formidable Liondrakes, traces their origins to the birth of Winged Cavalry in warfare, an innovation stretching back half a millennium.  

The Birth of Winged Cavalry

A revolution in warfare arrived with the formation of winged cavalry. Military leaders, grasping the strategic boon of air mobility, began incorporating flight-capable beasts into their strategies. These pioneering units, comprising varied winged creatures, ushered in a combat era where the skies were as crucial as the ground.  

Nobles and Their Flying Mounts

As winged cavalry's importance surged, Rolara's nobles, ever hungry for power and status, took to adopting herds of flying mounts. This shift went beyond military tactics; it symbolized prestige. The nobles domesticated and bred these creatures, transforming the skies into realms of opulence. Aerial shows and contests, flaunting wealth and power, became routine, reflecting the aristocracy's grandeur.  

The Commoners' Embrace of Flying Mounts

Over time, the fascination with flight spread from noble estates to the masses. Selling flying creatures to commoners, once a rarity, grew commonplace. This democratization of the skies signaled a cultural transformation. Flying mounts, previously a noble's privilege, became emblems of hope and escapism for all. Competitions around the nurturing of these majestic beings blossomed, nurturing a passionate community centered on them.  

Rise of the Graveyard Skippers

Amidst this backdrop, the Graveyard Skippers arose. Initially, they were a motley crew of thrill-seekers, united by their love for the Liondrake, the most formidable flying mount. Liondrakes, blending lion might and Dragon wings, required brave and adept riders. The Graveyard Skippers, so named for their knack for evading death, earned a reputation as both daring adventurers and a novel aerial menace. Their democratic ways contrasted sharply with traditional aerial forces' autocratic structures, making them an intriguing anomaly.  

The Graveyard Skippers in Present Times

Now, the Graveyard Skippers epitomize Rolara's evolving bond with the skies. From military instruments of the elite to symbols of aristocratic power, and eventually to commoners' icons of liberty and adventure, their story mirrors Rolara's aerial history. They represent more than a mere group; they are a cultural icon, symbolizing defiance, democracy, and the exhilarating freedom of Liondrake flight.

"Death from Above"

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