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Daily Duke

Davian Calendros (a.k.a. the Daily Duke)

Rare are the characters in Tatharian lore who stir as much curiosity and debate as Davian Calendros, the enigma cloaked in the title of Daily Duke. Ambitious, cunning, and with a fixation on the Tatharian Calendar that seems almost fated, his story intertwines with the intricate societal and political threads of Tatharia, woven by the peculiar circumstances of his birth. Born under the first dawn of year 350, Davian believed this Celestial coincidence marked him for greatness, casting his shadow across the vast tapestry of Tatharia’s complex fabric.   From the humblest of origins, Davian ascended to a realm of notable influence within the vibrant heart of Tatharia Capitolina. His rise, a testament to strategic brilliance and unwavering dedication to carefully crafted plans, perfectly synchronized with the calendar's unique rhythm. Davian’s methods, themed around holidays, weekdays, and seasonal changes, have painted him as both an enigma and a wildcard in the political theatre of the realm.   This man's preoccupation with the Tatharian Calendar surpasses mere superstition or ritual. It’s a deeply calculated obsession. Davian’s life is orchestrated with precision, exploiting the calendar’s peculiarities - like the ten-day weeks and the lunar cycles of Sin and Anu - to bewilder and outmaneuver his rivals. His actions, aligned with the symbolic essence of the months, such as the guile of "Aranea" or the ferocity in "Dracones," unveil a master of not just strategy, but symbolism too.   Born at the dawn of a new year, Davian sees himself as a symbol of change and renewal for Tatharia, a role he embraces with a blend of charismatic diplomacy and merciless efficiency. His birthdate isn't just a personal milestone; it’s the annual unveiling of grand designs that signify a new chapter of his influence over the city’s destiny.   Yet, this fixation on dates and numerology casts a long, isolating shadow. The Daily Duke walks a solitary path, distanced by the unique significance he ascribes to his birthdate and the calendar. His sense of superiority, intertwined with a manipulative streak, renders him an object of both awe and apprehension.  
  Davian Calendros, the Daily Duke, emerges as a multifaceted figure in the annals of Tatharia—his life and deeds seamlessly integrated into the city's calendrical tapestry. His narrative transcends mere power and influence, delving into a profound conviction in destiny and the cosmic weight of time. Like the calendar he cherishes, his legacy is a perpetual cycle of ambition, intrigue, and an unyielding quest for a destiny foretold by the celestial bodies on the day of his birth.
Lawful Evil
Year of Birth
1473 PE 54 Years old
Oft in makeup
Shaved head
Aligned Organization
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