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Picker, chief of the Rockhouse Tribe

Chief Picker

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The Grindylow are quick and agile, and Picker is no different. He may be a bit smarter than most of his kind.

Identifying Characteristics

Picker is a light grey-green skin tone, a bit pale compared to most Grindylow.  He is fidgety and will have a finger in his ear, nose or mouth frequently if not otherwise occupied.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Picker was recognized as an inquisitive Grindylow in the Many Tunnels Rockeater tribe. He explored many side tunnels and secret paths. He collected many good shiny stones. He also made good drumming. When the Great Grinder came to the tunnels some went to fight it. Picker went too. Most were eaten by the Grinder. Picker said he would leave. He beat many tribe members into following him in Grindylow tradition. His band fled to the surface by the secret tunnels Picker had found. They wandered and hunted the hills for several years before finding the ruins of a keep which they settled into as home. In the ruins a variety of decayed weapons were found which improved the arms of the tribe. Picker's tribe grew since arriving above and he has captured many wives. They now have enough numbers to attack Big Ones. Merchants and travelers need to keep alert. This may lead to a patrol or adventurers sent to wipe out the tribe, but Picker and the Grindylow don't know that.

Intellectual Characteristics

Like most Grindylow, Picker is fascinated by shiny and sparkling things, but is afraid of bright light.  He avoids going about during the day. He likes rhythmic drumming and chewing on rocks, sticks, metal or bones.

Personality Characteristics


By most humanoid race standards Grindylow are somewhat mentally unstable, dim but nearly constantly babbling and amazed by most technology above stone, sticks, bone and leather - which they do not possess. They have a small child's understanding of cause and effect and weak minds generally.  Picker is motivated by safety, hunger, greed, lust and sparkly things. He also seeks to make his tribe bigger, stronger and better equipped.


The Rockhouse tribe are a bit grubby by Grindylow standards since they can''t find good sandydust to scrub themselves with.  By humanoid standards they are dirty.  Picker has a nice leather shirt in summer and a heavy furred one in winter.



Picker will frequently bob or bounce on the balls of his feet when talking to someone.


Picker has a grumbly gravelly voice and a cackling laugh.
"Rockhouse tribe very strong. Very rich. Great Picker bring tribe to above. Picker lead away from the Great Grinder. Picker finds stone houses to live in. Stop being Rockeater tribe. Now Rockhouse tribe. Picker find iron weapons for tribe. Much good eat. Shiny. Picker chose best wifes. Hopper lose good wife but not mad. Picker good chief."
Hopper, Grindylow of the Rockhouse tribe

Grindylow by Mutterwolf
Picker, A Grindylow. (by Mutterwolf)

Lots of tunnel place, underground.
Current Residence
Ruins east of Soojun
He/ him
Red, squinty
Red/brown and spiky
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light grey-green leathery skin
3 ft
30 kg
Known Languages

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