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Faster Than Light Travel

The Invention that changed the course of a species

Faster Than Light Travel (FTLT or FTL) is the primary method of transportation used inside the Galaxy of Astraesto to travel between stars, planets, moons, space-stations, and everything else found within the confines of space. When attached to a space-faring vessel, a spaceship can travel light-years in mere seconds, drastically reducing the amount of time it takes to travel.  
Despite its prevalence in Human societies across the Galaxy, FTL is largely shrouded in mystery. It is believed to have first been discovered or created by scientists of the Homeland. Who used it to travel to the Astraesto Galaxy from another unknown Galaxy in the Universe. Despite over 4 millennia of effort from countless scientists and engineers, across dozens of nations and organisations, no one has managed to fully understand how the technology works. Humanity is able to replicate the technology, even making slight improvements over time, but no one understands it.    Nearly every vessel capable of space travel is equipped with FTL equipment, usually manifesting in a core room aboard the vessel, where power is siphoned to the engines. Larger vessels have larger core rooms, even multiple rooms in the case of the largest and most powerful vessels, like that of the Federation Navy's Battleship Carriers  Larger ships tend to travel faster at light speed than smaller vessels. The five Trans Galactical Highways were built to fully manifest upon the size equals speed of FTL. The highways would become the most expensive construction projects in human history, but after years of construction, carried out by millions of workers, they became operational and proved their worth to the denizens of the Galaxy. They became beacons of trade, and vast amounts of transports pass through, as well as migration, and so much more.
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Our way through the galaxy and the cosmos
- Robert Newman
Children Technologies
The Homeland
  The existance of Faster Than Light technology in the Galaxy of Astraesto can be traced back to the original colonisation of the galaxy, and the Homeland from which Humanity descends. The way the technology was created remains a mystery to Astraestoian researchers, as even with over four thousand years of efforts, humanity remains unaware of how the technology fully works.   Due to their unique ability to create such a significant technology, many have theorized that the Homeland may have been even more advanced than has been believed. Some believe that they may have been significantly more advanced in several other fields as well.  
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