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Bus hot dogs

Uh, hey, what's this weird hot dog? Why is the bread colored and why is it shaped like that?
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  When a new bus is purchased by the company that runs the busses in Urskoga they hold an event called "Name the bus" after the bus' maiden voyage. During this event the bus is baptized and given a name.   At this event hot dogs with gluten-free bread that is colored blue&grey and shaped like busses are consumed. The sausages are chicken or vegan. The condiments used are Bostongurka, ketchup, and honey mustard.   Hot dogs are popular in Urskoga so of course the company had to capitalize on that and made them a staple during the event.  

Times & Location

The event always takes place the day after the new bus has had its maiden voyage. The maiden voyage is usually on a Saturday at the end of the summer and the event thus takes place on Sundays after The UCC’s Sunday service.   This event doesn’t happen often. The last one was 4 years ago when Roger joined the fleet, taking the place of an older bus that had to retire.   The event takes place outside of the @church of the UCC. The bus will be standing outside and the visitors will be milling about around it. There are cookies, drinks, merchant stalls, and musicians available. The merchants provide the participants with hot dogs during the entire event which usually lasts around 2-3 hours.  


The first couple of events were only local, but the company is spending more money on ads and the visitors are now also people who live in the other cities that the busses travel to. Everyone who participates eats their first free hot dog but many also buy more than one.   Those who participate are usually also the people who have voted on the name for the new bus.


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LexiCon (WordiGirl)
27 Aug, 2022 06:42

Interesting celebration! Unique that it is a coming-of-age ceremony held for a bus' induction into the city system. Thanks for sharing! God bless <3

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I couldn't really decide what I wanted to write about for this...but I had already written about a bus for the vehicle prompt...so I thought. Well...I have to connect a couple of articles somehow. XD;; And then I ended up with this. :3 <3 Thanks for the comment.

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29 Aug, 2022 11:16
Eternal Sage Wordigirl
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