The Urskoga Christian Church is the largest organization in town? ...that's...interesting.
  In Sweden the state religion used to be Protestant Christianity, however, around 20 years ago the State and Christianity went their separate ways.   Urskoga has several organized religions. The largest one is the Swedish church. Though, the organization and parish is a little bit different in Urskoga compared to the rest of the country.  
The vicars of this parish have always been a bit on the odd side...but they have always been well-liked by their congregation and the rest of the inhabitants of the town.  


When outcasts from Umeå started to settle in the general area of what is now the town of Urskoga in the late 16th century many of them were still a part of the Umeå parish. They spent several hours every Sunday traveling to and from Umeå to take part in the services.   A young priest was sent to watch over the congregation in 1801 when the town of Urskoga was founded and a church was built. In 1809 Urskoga became it's own parish and the young priest that still worked for the people of Urskoga became their first vicar.   The first name of the vicars of Urskoga has oddly enough always been Stefan and they have looked oddly alike...not many inhabitants reflect over this.  
Founding date
Year 1809
Leader title
Stefan Andreas Jakobsson
Parent organization
The Swedish Church
Urskoga Church


Sola gratia justificamus et sola fide justificamur.
Melanchthon, German Lutheran reformer, collaborator with Martin Luther.
There are 5 important tenants in the Lutheran protestant beliefs. The last two are 20th-century additions.
  • Sola scriptura, by Scripture alone. All words of God should be upheld.
  • Sola fide, by faith alone. By our faith in God, we are absolved of our sins.
  • Sola gratia, by grace alone. For the sake of Jesus, God will grant us the unearned gift of salvation.
  • Solus Christus, Christ alone. Jesus is the only mediator between God and humans.
  • Soli Deo gloria, Glory to God alone. Only glory onto God. No glory to Saints, angels, or even the mother of Jesus before God.
  • The most important tenant in the UCC is Sola fide. Faith in God and faith in his love for his creations. All his creations.   The UCC is very LGBTQIA+ friendly compared to some other organizations in town and welcomes everyone with open arms.  
    Being yourself is not a sin in the eyes of someone who loves you.
    Vicar Stefan

    The Church

    The UCC has it's own Church located in The old district of the city and a chapel with a graveyard in the outskirts of town.   A weird natural phenomena that is oddly ignored by the rest of the world is that there are local rain weather only over the town of Urskoga. The center of the rain is usually the Church and it's usually connected to services or events at the church.


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