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Leader of the people of the horse.

"So you have heard of my brother? Yeah, he is well known in Beldan, probably for being a difficult man to negotiate with. He always walked in the footsteps of our father, a born leader. He is good at it too. Quick to resolve disputes and fast to make a decision when time is short. Decisive and a bit intimidating, if you're not me of course. He has the respect of our people and their power too, no one person in the people of the horse has power, it comes from everyone. Not the life for me though, I let him do all that even though I am the elder brother. I prefer to spend my time out on the land."
— Tasiir of the People of the Horse

The Unlikely Second Son

Most of the time among the people of the horse - and the Orth more generally - the elder sibling is expected to take over their family's duty. In Hassuran's case, his older brother wanted nothing to do with leadership and instead spends seasons travelling the Orthlands alone, speaking with the other peoples of the plains, and talking the ears off of travelers. This led Hassuran to take over his father's role of leading his people.   There was no expectation that he would be worse because he was a second son, any social stigma fell on his brother for becoming a wanderer. Hassuran was happy to accept the role, he had always idolized his father - and his mother who continues to play an important part in their community - and bears no ill will towards his brother. Instead, he has convinced the people that his brother's calling is of a spiritual nature and that the knowledge he gathers and shares is useful to them.


Hassuran has an imposing presence, he is over 1.8 meters tall and with a wide build. He wears several layers - as is common with the Orth - and that makes him look even bigger. His hair is pure black and he keeps it cut short, an uncommon choice but a distinctive feature that is memorable to the people of the plains.

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