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Peoples of the Orthlands.

Aral saw his bird circling in the distance, knew his prey was ahead, and urged his horse onward; he was determined not to return empty-handed. I must prove myself a capable hunter. he thought.   From atop the ridge he could see the lone buck and drew his bow. Aral fumbled with the arrow and alerted the buck which darted toward the woods but Aral was already on the move. The sound of hooves on the ground and wind in the air filled his ears.   With his heart pounding he let go of the reins - the horse continued onward - and readied his bow. When the moment was right, he loosed the arrow. The buck fell and bellowed, the arrow had found it's target.

A Life on the Plains

The Orth travel around the Orthlands throughout the year to keep up with the animal herds that sustain them and to keep their spirits free so their lives are designed around movement. Deer hide yurts can easily be disassembled and transported making them the most common structure. Horses are a common element of their lives and aids them in moving from place to place. Riding is so important that a boy is not considered a man until he has mastered the skill and completed his first hunt. In contrast girls are considered women when they have mastered several skills which are exemplified in their completed bride price.   Everyone wears clothes that cover all but the head while outside - even during the warmer times. While inside it is acceptable to wear tops with short or no sleeves and bottoms that reveal the legs.   The Orthlands are a rugged place to live, a place where nature decides if you will be happy or sad, healthy or hurt. It is taboo not to thank nature for any boons bestowed - for example, thanking an animal that is killed for food - lest nature's wrath be turned on the thankless one.   A life on the plains ends with a ceremony during which the body is burned, songs are sung, and the people discuss the deceased. While dancing is an important part of many Orth events, there is no dancing at a funeral.  

The Hospitality of Travelers

"I always enjoy seeing the faces of travelers when they share a meal with us for the first time. It never fails to surprise them when we interrupt the conversation by boistrously yelling our complements at the maker of the meal. But trust me by the time they leave my home, they too will be yelling over everyone else to express their gratitude."
Travelers who encounter the people of the plains will find that their art depicts nature in a stylized manner - grass, wind, animals, and water are common images. The Orth treat travelers in their lands very well giving them food and a place to stay. The traveler is expected to give a gift in return or to help out while they stay - although it would be impolite to remind them of this.  

Love and Foolishness

There is a word among the people of Orth for love at first sight; it translates closely to foolishness. They believe that love is something that develops over long periods of time. Often two people will know they are going to marry for a long time before their actual ceremony.   Long hair is a desirable trait in all members of the Orth. It is seen as a sign of health and of beauty. There are many different hairstyles among the different groups of the Orth and throughout the different times - each generation seems to find their favored style.

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The Lives of Our Ancestors

One of the most important items to the Orth are their life quilts which teach them about the lives of their ancestors.
Document | Aug 30, 2023

The quilt of life histories.

Orth Outside the Orthlands

The Orth are known in Upper Grara but the accuracy of knowledge about their ways and customs declines as you travel further away. The thing that the Orth are the most known for in much of Grara is their contribution to the war against Bral - the use of their language as a code.
Double Code
Language | Jun 14, 2023

The 'unbreakable code'.


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