Orlon Gantiel

Renowned quarterstaff instructor and lover of spicy food.

Rough Around the Edges

Orlon is a quiet, well built faun who stands proudly yet moves with a fighter's grace. He can be found out in the front courtyard of the Khin Martial Academy, where he teaches the quarterstaff all day long.   Many folks find an excuse to stop by on their work breaks to watch his students perform incredible feats of strength, and some even place verbal bets on sparring outcomes. Or at least that's what they say.
They definitely aren't waiting for him to work up a sweat and continue the session in just his baggy dark green breeches.   Orlon's muscular upper body is transcribed with scars of varying origins, which spark admiration and curiosity among many. One tale is known to all, though - his left horn is completely snapped in half from the very first quarterstaff tournament he fought in when he was 20. He won the match but he let his opponent take home the trophy in favour of keeping his own cracked memento, which he displays at home on his mantel.   At the end of a hard day's training, Orlon thoroughly enjoys dining with his friends. He loves hot spicy food, and can handle the fieriest flavours that the city has to offer.  

A Broken Start

Orlon was born in Kankos on the west coast of Anvil just two months after The Rupture. He learnt to crawl in the dust of the apocalyptic chaos and his parents were clueless on how to raise him and his two brothers in such dangerous and changing times.   Mostly fending for themselves, he and his siblings learnt to exchange errands and physical labour for knowledge and education from injured and eldely folk of their home city, Dulakest. He got his first job working as a stableboy and worked hard for his koinz, and every night he counted them and dreamt of a better life.   As the years went by and into early adulthood, his brothers enrolled in the navy and set sail for their futures. His parents divorced and went their separate ways too, and at age 19 he was left to decide on his own path. With what little savings he had amassed, he payed for half a voyage upfront and the rest in labour on a ship heading to Belu on the other side of the continent.   Arriving in the capital city, Khin, Orlon continued paying off his debt at the docks working long days loading and unloading heavy cargo from the ships. He enjoyed the hard work and soon built up an admirable physique, and his new friends invited him to join their fighting club and try his hand with a quarterstaff.

Life of a Fighter

Something about the firmness of the smooth wooden shaft in his hands lit a fire in him, and he began to take his training seriously in order to fight in tournaments for prize money.   Even with the loss of half a horn in his first victory, the thrill of the fight made him feel alive. Working less at the docks and more at the Martial Academy, Orlon gained a reputation for being "undefeatable", and he unfortunately let the title get to his head.   He began to fight in private clubs in daring brawls with questionable standards.
With a foolish and pricey wager gone wrong he was blackmailed into fighting in a mixed weapons cage tournament against a lithe woman with a sleek rapier. His arrogance blinded him from grasping the extent of her range, and within seconds she lunged and cut deep into his bicep. His whole world clattered to the sound of his quarterstaff on the floor, and the roaring crowd faded to a muffled murmur as he passed out.   He awoke in the infirmary of an Ardorist temple, barely able to move enough to look down at his left arm, puckered and sewn up like a butcher's joint.   He wept.  

Faun Reborn

The Ardorists cared for Orlon and dressed his wound, and continued to support him after his stitches were removed. The cut was deep and took a long time to heal, and Orlon lamented at his loss of strength, dignity, and ability to train again.   He sank deep into depression over his weakness for more than a year, but still the Ardorists checked in on him and supported him through his struggles without judgement.
He opened up to their kindness and lowered the barriers of his past, sharing painful memories and learning new valuable lessons in the healing process.   Without being prompted to, Orlon asked to join the Path of Ardorism, and was welcomed with warmth.   Through his new found faith, he was able to process his pain, forgive his past, and learnt how to trust people again.   He resumed his training, and focussed on supporting disadvantaged youths to keep them out of trouble. His strength regained, and his reputation grew in a positive light.
Many of the children asked him if they could join the academy, and with so many new recruits he soon rose to the title of lead instructor at the Khin Martial Academy, where he still teaches the quarterstaff to this day.  
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Date of Birth
Kolkaz 4th Ganzagar 514 2A
Dulakest, Kankos
Ruffled, dark chestnut brown and a full thick beard with dusty greys coming through
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned, with short brown hair covering his lower body
Path of Ardorism
Ruled Locations
Common, and semi-fluent in a couple of others
Settlement | Nov 30, 2022

The coastal capital of Belu, known for it's exports of rope, canvas, and raw barac.

Path of Ardorism
Organization | Nov 20, 2022

Cover image: by TJ Trewin
Character Portrait image: by TJ Trewin (using Hero Forge & ArtBreeder)


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