The wholesome and welcoming folk of Belu, Anvil.

The people of Belu are coastal dwelling folk known for their hospitality and open mindedness.   Whilst the largest percentage of their demographic is made up of fauns, there is a growing population of other folk types deciding to permanently settle in the country thanks to the opening of rifts to new realms during The Rupture fifty years ago.  


The modern national symbol of Belu is the Beluvian Jackrabbit, a unique species native to the region which is famous for being the only known semi-aquatic hare in Melior.   It features in modern heraldry and city crests but the ancient flag of Belu still remains as a golden lion on a field of blue, surrounded by silver droplets. It's origin is unknown and is traced back long before the The Unknown.   Petitions are currently being held for the redesign of the flag, as it has been historically ridiculed for poorly representing both the region of Belu and its people, with opposing territories jeering at the shape of the repeating pattern and claiming that the lion (which isn't native to Belu) looks cowardly.

The Arts

Beluvians are often associated with being prolific writers, poets, and artists, and it's a widely believed stereotype that "there's a bookshop, theatre, and gallery on every street in Khin".

Food & Drink

Jackrabbit meat features in the majority of traditional Beluvian dishes, but a lesser known tradition is the sharing of braided bread when discussing sensitive and complex topics.


Beluvian folk express their seafaring culture with materials like barac canvas and fabric. These sturdy materials can look dated to some cultures because they last so long that they rarely need replacing.
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Folk Demographics
- 10% Human
- 69% Faun
- 4% Rakuwan
- 3% Corvidan
- 14% Other

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