A highly respected member of a secret organization that controls the flow of power in Anvil.

The Keepers are a powerful organization of scribes and scholars that secretly influence the balance of power in Anvil. Very few people outside of the ranks know of their existence, and even those who hold the title of Keeper are not privy to the full scale of the guild.   World leaders rise and fall, laws are abolished and passed, and information flows to those who will shape it into a bright and prosperous future - all of which are set in motion by the minds of The Keepers, who commune with one another at secretly organised meetings.   Their currency is trust, and the highest ranking Keepers have worked hard and very carefully to earn their title. They are highly respected by those in the know.  

Great Responsibility

Alongside their normal lives and careers, it's a Keeper's responsibility to protect and provide. Within the guild, small groups of scholars submit to their Keeper's instruction in a collective effort to bring about change in the world around them.   Keepers instruct their scholars within their field of study until mastery is attained, at which point the scholar may choose to continue or step forward for nomination to become a trusted Keeper.   During their meetings, Keepers of different Kinds share the knowledge of their domains and cross-pollinate their skills to make huge technical advancements.  

Symbols of Power

Those who know what to look for are able to identify Keepers in public by visual cues symbolic of their field of power. Once spotted, asking the right questions or mentioning specifically worded topics during idle conversation may confirm their affiliation to The Keepers.  
"I trust you're keeping busy lately?"

"I certainly am. What gave it away?"

(points to visible symbol)

"In truth, I was just curious..."

(touching the symbol)

"Would you like to know more?"

"Yes, thank you. That's very Kind of you to offer."
Approaching a Keeper
  The collective term for a group of Keepers is a Kindness, and there are ten Kinds of Keepers.  

Keeper of Peace

Symbol: a raised palm with closed digits
Domains: law, politics, military

Keeper of Beasts

Symbol: an eye, or eyeball
Domains: husbandry, zoology, biology

Keeper of Seeds

Symbol: a leaf
Domains: agriculture, horticulture, forestry

Keeper of Bones

Symbol: a skull
Domains: mortuary science, natural history

Keeper of Time

Symbol: an hourglass
Domains: history, curation, archives

Keeper of Self

Symbol: a circle
Domains: style, self expression, gender, sexuality

Keeper of Vigor

Symbol: a droplet shape
Domains: diet, medicine, physiology, psychology

Keeper of Laws

Symbol: two concentric equal triangles
Domains: geology, physics, astronomy, magic

Keeper of Faith

Symbol: a candle
Domains: religion, faith, occultism

Keeper of Lore

Symbol: an ink splotch
Domains: the arts, linguistics, education
Form of Address
Related Locations
Related Organizations
"Would you mind keeping me company?"

"Well, that depends..."

"In truth, I have no circle of my own."

"Then you may take a seat."

"Thank you, that's most Kind of you."

"Speak nothing of it.
Now, what can I help you with?"

"Well, I'm not sure where to begin...
Maybe you can show me the ropes?"
— Approaching a Keeper of Self

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