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Jen Wright | Member Since 16 Dec, 2020
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***All of my work here is a work in progress. Things will change as I learn more about this resource and gather all of my world building to post here. Which has so far been a very slow process.***

Hello! I'm a writer documenting and building my two worlds into something that might turn out awesome (maybe). I hope that one day both worlds can be complete and deep and reflect the sheer amount of effort and thought I have put into them.   The world of Dosjorya can be further explored in my story Dosjoryan Tales, which will later be broken up into three books titled Shattering the Peace, The Brewing Storm, and The Fallen Rise. The Prophecy of Shadow universe can be further explored in my Prophecy of Shadow series, a three story series including Rise of the Darkness, The Dragon of Charred Scales, and Fighting the Storm of Shadows. All of these can be found on my Wattpad and Fictionpress accounts under the name Jen963.

Interests & Hobbies

Dragons! Anything dragon related: drawing, games (though I've never played Dungeons and Dragons), or just looking at all sorts of media about dragons.

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