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Amaltheia Poplarwhisk (Amal-theia Poplar-whisk)

Queen Amaltheia Poplarwhisk

Being born to become the next Fae Queen is both a burden and an honor.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Amaltheia began her training to become the next Fae Queen rather early in her life, training under Winter Court Queen Minerva Orangebud. Amaltheia was a quick study in not only the politics required to be the Fae Queen, but also the duties of being the Spirit Elemental, and frequently traveled with Minerva to For Storia, Milleadh, and the Fey Wilds, building her own relationships and helping Minerva solve issues that occured. When Minerva passed on, the transition of power to Amaltheia was seemless, something that wasn't common in the Fey Wilds.

Accomplishments & Achievements

When the city of Passan was in danger, Amaltheia was able to bring together the other three elementals and save a significant portion of the city by raising it, avoiding the flood caused by the uncontrollable water elemental. She is attributed with not only saving a significant portion of the population and other elementals, but creating the first flying city above Delesia.

As the city made it's way across Deleisa towards the Fae Dominion of Dorthone, Amaltheia reconsidered her ideas to establish a magic school for potential elementals and other magic users. Before her death, she would found Estraenwerry, Institute of the Arcane, in Baypool. Sadly she didn't live to see it's completion.

Failures & Embarrassments

I failed him....the newest water elemental. After Bruinen's death we couldn't find the next elemental fast enough. And when we finally did, he was at the city's gates and out of control. I sadly wasn't strong enough to help him, and the power tore through him, destroying the city. With the other elementals we were able to save a significant portion, and some others were able to escape into the caves, and on ships leaving the city. Hopefully this record can help future spirit elementals to realize their connection to the others sooner, and keep further tragedy from occuring.

— from the journal of Amaltheia Poplarwhisk

Amaltheia took her duties as both Fey Queen and Spirit Elemental very seriously and was destraught after the loss of Gunnar, the water elemental after Bruinen. She made it her mission to ensure that future elementals would have a place to go and train that the entire world would know about and be able to get to with relative ease.

Which organization do you belong to?
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Queen of the Fey Wilds
  • Spirit Elemental
  • Founder of Estraenwerry, Institute of the Arcane
  • Children
  • For Storia: 752 - 759 (7 years)
  • Milleadh: -497-427 (70 years)

  • Cover image: by MandoMc Designs (via MidJourney)
    Character Portrait image: by MandoMc Designs (via Artflow)


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