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Sienna Nartouhi Karpov

ɟink mɛbi Sienna Nartouhi Karpov

One of the ɟink mɛbi of the Leader Caste, Sienna has been a prominent member of the Federation of Xah for decades, and is considered the epitome of what it means to be Xahian; skilled, charismatic, and selfless to the cause of The Sevenfold Path.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in 9972 on the Xahian Orbital Chome, in the system of Setrupm, a Xahian Core system of some 26.13 trillion people. She was given the birth name 'Nartouhi' by her Mother, and granted the Ancestor name of Karpov, to acknowledge her genetic lineage. Her ʧudɔr, or 'sibling batch', consisted of almost twelve thousand other potentials for the Leader caste, a large number compared to most generations.   Chome itself was an industrial center with only 4.9 billion inhabitants, most of whom were Workers and Engineers, who took asteroids and comets, rendering them down for their raw materials. The Leader caste of Chome was therefore keen to produce those with a strong eye for logistics and resource management, prioritising them over other Leader characteristics such as charisma and people management. Sienna was identified early on, not only by her top quality genes, but also her innate skills in both in the qualities the local Leader caste required and personal charisma. She passed her age 10 assessments easily, being placed in an accelerated training program for top level Leaders, and by the time she was age 16, she was the top of her class in almost all subjects. When she graduated at age 21, far ahead of the rest of the ʧudɔr, she took the name 'Sienna' as her personal name and was quickly processed up the ranks, reaching the rank of mɛdopf or 'fourth' by the age of 24, an almost unheard of acheivement.   Such talent was never going to be confined by a relatively small scale operation such as Chome, and the Leaders of the wider Setrupm system soon took her on, handing her greater and more responsibility. At age 29, she was promoted to mɛnʌngd, 'Sixth' and was responsible for the entire logisitical operations of the Setrupm system, her natural talents working well with her charismatic nature, so that even those above whom she was promoted, did not bear any ill will. Her vocal and proactive encouragement of The Sevenfold Path was noted as one of the finest in her generation, considered a true believer in the sanctity and righteousness of the Xahian cause.   With the Setrupm system operating more efficiently than it had in decades, the wider Xahian sphere beckoned, and at age 38 she was promoted to mɛe, 'Seventh', and shifted to a more generalised, political Leader role for several hundred systems, her background in logisitics giving her a subtle insight into large-scale operations. Even now, her potential as a future mɛbi ('Ninth') or even the vaunted ɟink mɛbi and the Federation Council were being whispered about in the upper echalons, and her name was mentioned in other castes, particularly the Warrior Caste, who recognised a strong proponent of efficient supply lines and frictionless transfer of resources.   No one was surprised when she was promoted, first to mɛʧe ('Eighth') at age 43, and then up to mɛbi when she was only 51, an unprecedented accomplishment. 'Leader Caste Personified' was often used to describe her, and she was now being used in broadcasts across the Federation of Xah as an avatar of how The Sevenfold Path was creating individuals of unparalled prowess and ability. She undertook several diplomatic visits to the Northup Alliance, her talents extending to negotiation, mainly through sheer force of her charisma; she was often described as 'supernaturally likeable'.   When a position as a ɟink mɛbi opened up, there was very little doubt who to put into the position. Indeed, several high ranking Leaders suggested, not quite in joke, that there would have been Worker riots had Sienna not been appointed. So on her 63rd birthday, she was granted the rank of ɟink mɛbi, and took part in her first Federation Council meeting as one of Xah's top ranking individuals.   In the almost thirty years since, she has been a steady presence for the Federation of Xah, a voice of reason and experience that no one can afford to ignore. With the passing of Masuda Boumedienne of the Technical Caste, Sienna is now both the oldest and the longest serving ɟink mɛbi, and if her robust health is anything to go by, is likely to serve at least a couple of decades more still.


Like all Xahians, Sienna was taught basics from an early age, until her aptitude tests at age 10. From then on, her education focused on those skills necessary to become a member of the Leader Caste, mainly people management, logistics, media studies, psychology, and politics. Due to the nature of her home world of Chome, there was a strong emphasis on more practical matters over political-side issues, and media studies was almost entirely forsaken. Despite this, Sienna excelled across the board, and with her second assessment at age 16, scored high in all categories. Her education from age 16 to 21 was specialised most in logistics, but also had a strong factor of resource and people management, and Sienna managed to convince her tutors to allow her to learn psychology and politics as well.  


Sienna has focused almost entirely on her worth to the Federation of Xah, and has not had any short or long term relationships, with any gender. Like most Xahians, her sexuality is fluid, with an approximate equal number of sexual partners of all gender designations, but all of her partners have been single night encounters for social purposes, as opposed to any serious relationship attempts. Some of her more notable partners were diplomats from the Northup Alliance, a frowned upon tactic that, fortunately, worked very well.   Since her appointment as a ɟink mɛbi, she has not been with any sexual partners, and has famously described herself as 'partnered to The Sevenfold Path', a practice she encourages other ambitious Xahians to emulate.
Year of Birth
9972 XC 91 Years old
Short, black tight curls
167 cm
54 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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