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Enzo Sangelfique

Enzo was born to fight, and while he despised fighting, he could never bring himself to put down a sword, specifically his silvered longsword. He is the father of Alestar Sangelfique and the loyal childhood best friend of Emperor Vladimir Tepes. He was one of the few noble families that joined his prince in traveling out in search of the emperor of the Minuianto Imperiuo, Lucifer, the Light. During the Chymoús War, Enzo was the first leader to bring back the head of one of the four reigning Alphas that caused Empress Sin-Yeona Cheonsa's assassination in 1492 EoL, dubbing Enzo a Hero of the Empire.  
As level-headed as the duke was, he always talked things out to avoid a fight. Whenever he could not stop a fight, Enzo used his trusty sword to finish the job. Family and friendship meant the world to him.  


Enzo was born in 267 EoL and was pressured into being friends in 690 EoL. Enzo tolerated Vlad's presence, finding him too young as Vlad was still a baby at the time. As Vlad aged, he realized Enzo's loyalty to the imperiuo surpassed Vlad's siblings and decided to start over with Enzo. At first, Enzo didn't want to, but slowly, he began to warm up to him.   Enzo found his wife, Marianne, in 737 EoL and soon had his son, Alestar, in 740 EoL. Enzo didn't worry about his friends all that much with raising a child, but he knew to keep his friendship knitted. Years passed and Enzo and Vlad became inseparable. The only time Vlad grew jealous of Enzo was watching Enzo being happy with his love while Vlad was forced into an arranged marriage with a woman he didn't love.   In 1372 EoL, Lucifer went missing and Vlad immediately volunteered to search for him. Enzo joined in, believing all hands needed to be on deck to find their leader. They set sail soon after, which brought them to Chymoús. Vlad set out and started building his empire, explaining that searching an entire continent for his father would result in an empire needing to be built. At first, Vlad proposed claiming the land in the name of the Minuianto Imperiuo but quickly trashed that idea when Enzo suggested that Vlad would make a fitting Emperor.   With the empire's construction completed by the early 1400s EoL, Enzo witnessed his good friend falling in love and marrying Empress Sin-Yeona Cheonsa. By 1422 EoL, Alestar and his girlfriend crossed the Marea Lumii Sea and joined the empire, and in 1437 EoL, Enzo witnessed his first grandsons being born, Andreus Sangelfique and Soveliss Sangelfique.   A few decades later, a devastating war would ravage the country...  
The War Begins...
Enzo Sangelfique with SLoES by Amelia Nite (Hero Forge)
When the war began, Enzo called upon a blood witch to lay a curse upon his favored sword that would enact a killing blow upon any wolf that dared to challenge the wielder using the sword. Impressed by the curse, Enzo took the sword to his family's local blacksmith and had the sword encased in silver to further inflict harrowing damage upon the wolves.   As the war progressed, Enzo worked tirelessly. He searched down in the Blue Desert to the southwest, where he purposefully left a trail of wolf corpses to rot in his wake. Then, he headed straight north toward the White Mountains, coming upon a group of wolves with Alpha Lysander Snippet leading the helm. Lysander escaped to his pack, leaving Enzo struggling to figure out where he had gone. The duke ran tired of his efforts. Lysander was the wolf to slay in the war, and all soldiers in the Itudean Army craved the chance to enact revenge for Empress Sin-yeona. He would not give up on his people.   For weeks, Enzo searched the snowy mountain tops until he happened upon Lysander with a few Warriors, who didn't realize they had been spotted. Enzo took the chance to have his men flank the group while Enzo drew Lysander away. It took nearly half a day to separate Lysander from his Warriors. When alone, Enzo fought tooth and nail with Lysander until Enzo drew his sword and struck the Alpha down. Enzo hacked off Lysander's head and left the body to rot on Icogh 29th, 1493 EoL while taking the head as a trophy and reminder that wolves were to no longer be trusted as allies.  
A Fateful Death...
Enzo died on Kruqesk 10th, 1508 EoL, at the hands of griffin assassins. Alestar witnessed the attack, and while unable to rescue his father's corpse, he did grab the sword and made haste with it. Alestar was the one forced to relay the news of his father's murder, and the first backlash of the Retribution Alliance began.   Four days later, Enzo's funeral was held at Fort Alvion when a group of White Mountain Pack wolves ambushed the funeral. Alestar quickly organized the survivors and took down the wolves, saving what was left of Fort Alvion, which has since been rebuilt. It was then that Enzo's Last Will and Testament was found, and it read that his sword would go to the head of the Justice Family, Jullian Justice.

Mental characteristics

Table of Contents

by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
Quick Facts
Neutral Good
Birth Date:
Sroqo 28
367 EoL - 1508 EoL 1241 Years Old
Minuianto Region
Cis Male
Icy Blue
Platinum Blond
Skin Tone:
Pale Caucasian
6'3" (190.5 cm)
Other Notes
Alestar Sangelfique (son)
Affiliated Organization, Primary:
Coastal Region District
Affiliated Organizations, Secondary:
Itude Empire

Cover image: by Amelia Nite (Canva)

Homebrew (DMC)

Silvered Longsword of Enzo Sangelfique


Legendary must use the class "Dark Knight" and be a level 6 or higher Requires Attunement

Proficiency with a Longsword allows you to add your proficiency bonus to the attack roll for any attack you make with it.   You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magick weapon. In addition, the weapon ignores resistance to slashing damage.   The sword is also covered in silver, causing it to be poisonous toward werewolves. Normally, the sword inflicts 6d8 slashing damage when it strikes an opponent. However, when you attack a werewolf, roll a 1d20 on the attack roll. If the roll is a 15 or higher, the attack is successful and you cut off the wolf's head. The creature dies if it can't survive without the lost head. A creature is immune to this effect if silver doesn't effect it. Such a creature instead takes an extra 6d8 slashing damage from the hit.   2 Charges. This silvered longsword has 2 charges per day that recharges at dusk. When the attuned loses more than 50% of their health with this sword on their person, the wielder can choose to expend one charge. The sword and wielder are wreathed with a dark aura that seems to move like tentacles, shedding darkness in a 15-foot radius for one minute. The wielder can see through the darkness as if it were daylight and all attacks for the next minute have advantage.   At higher levels, the silvered longsword gains an extra charge at 10th level (3 slots), 15th level (4 slots), and 20th level (5 slots).


The Silvered Sword of Enzo Sangelfique was used by the one and only Duke Enzo Sangelfique to take revenge against the wolves of the Moonlight Expanse for assassinating Empress Sin-Yeona Cheonsa. This sword carried him through the frozen peaks of the White Mountains and the barren blue wastelands of the Blue Desert until his untimely death at the hands of griffin assassins.   His son, Alestar Sangelfique, witnessed the attack and was unable to retrieve his body, but managed to escape with sword before making his retreat. Upon Enzo's death, his Will passed the sword to the Justice Family, where Duke Jullian Justice has recently handed it down to his son and heir, Tzylay Justice, where it currently remains.

Type Damage Damage Range
Simple Melee 6d8+6 ; a werewolf is beheaded and dies on a 15 or higher 1d20 / If not a werewolf, then deals an extra 6d8 Piercing --

Cost: Heirloom
Weight: 2lb


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