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Hello, I am a habitual world builder and writer; and I have a very long story to tell called the Godsend Series. The tales that intertwine to create the Godsend Series span across millennia and thousands of light years.

My intention is to publish individual chapters as they enter into the late stages of drafting and editing.   Currently I am primarily working on the first book of Farstep: There and Back. This is the book that starts it all, the story of how Rain and Didoozy and Merry meet.   The Long term goal is to have the realms of the Godsend series become the canon for a TTRPG called The Spin. The Spin is currently structured around the d20 system but is still in its design infancy.   Please feel free to contact me if you find yourself wanting to correct my spelling, grammar, ask a question or just say hi.   The Godsend Linktree


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