Dahmra Menes

"I am the voice of Dahlia and her people. If the desert does not bend to my will, then I will turn the very sands to glass and reforge it into my design."
  Born into wealth as the daughter of a High Priestess, Dahmra was afforded many privileges in her youth. She was raised with tutors in a guarded temple and became a scholar of Nioyaathep history and culture. It was in the great temple of Bakison as well that she learned combat from guard captains and soldiers stationed within, though it is rumored that one of The Eyes of Dahlia that served her mother taught her many skills as well. She regularly attended religious ceremonies and festivals with her mother and attendants to build connections and charisma with key officials of the city. The girl was raised with everything she needed and more to become the leader of Bakison and from there, all of Nioyaathep.   Dahmra Menes is the current High Priestess of Bakison and leader of the Dahlen people. She took the position over from her mother upon her death and has ruled Bakison for 131 years. During her reign, Nioyaathep's economy has prospered with unemployment and poverty being heavily diminished across the country. Most of this has been attributed to her strict policies enacted across all cities. Education is enforced upon all children once they reach the age at which they can retain knowledge, access to alcohol is extremely limited outside of days of rest and festivals, and labor is forced upon those who will not or can not find a profession just to name a few. Many met these changes with adversity, especially in regards to alcohol limitations and forced labor, but the results for the nation could not be argued against.   The High Priestess of Bakison is also credited for reuniting the priesthood after hard times in Nioyaathep. During her mother's rule, the country fell into a depression due to a failing economy and pressure from conflicts with the Ehlen and The War of Magi Ascension. The Shasreel were particularly antagonistic during this period as well and disrupted many essential trade routes across the desert. After she assumed the role of High Priestess, Dahmra reinvigorated military presence between the cities, fortifying them and protecting the roads. It is known that she also struck a deal with the Shasreel to let trade caravans pass, though what she offered in return is unknown. She also oversaw the succession of new High Priestesses in Noyacki, Nyopothep, and Enomenolhi, forcing the retirement of their predecessors after deeming them unfit and unworthy to continue ruling over their regions.   Dahmra's actions have always been swift and resolute. She refuses to announce war or displeasure, often striking down enemies before they are aware that she has recognized them as such. Through her skills in war and subterfuge and the aggressive use of her retinue of Eyes, Dahmra has established herself as one of the most fierce leaders Nioyaathep has seen.  
"I care not that you distrust me, that makes things easier. What do I have to hide, if you would not even believe the truth?"
Familial Connections:   Husband - Amnath Menes, deceased   Daughter - Gamila Menes, 61   Son - Zauvirr Menes, 43   Daughter - Chione Menes, 28

Conflict with the Ehlen, the Three Day King

  Shortly after the birth of her son, Dahmra received word thata contingent Ehlen had assaulted Enomenolhi and defeated the garrison there with the intention of marching on Bakison. Contrary to standard procedure and the advice of the other High Priestesses, she left the city's walls with a contingent of her own to meet them in the desert. Her husband at the time, Amnath Menes, took this opportunity to stage a coup and establish himself as the first High King of Bakison. He claimed that this plan to expose herself was one of madness and her established policies placed too many restrictions on the Dahlen people. Amnath symbolized what many male Dahlen had whispered about: a potential end to the matriarchyh that held them in contempt. Much to his disappointment, her 'suicide mission' did not play out as such. After three days Dahmra returned victorious and marched into the grand temple unmolested by the fear-stricken guards. She emerged the next morning for victory celebrations, Amnath was never seen again.


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