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(a.k.a. The Risen Lord)

Impetine, known as the Risen Lord, is the first and only Lord of Fire not to have originated from the Elder Avatars who escaped their prison during The Mortugurra Incursion. She is a mortal Devilkin, and was raised as a Shroom farmer in the Stonesky Drainage on the Godswollen River.   She came to prominence as one of the most popular of the resistance leaders during the latter stages of the Stonesky Riots and was responsible for their peaceful resolution of the long conflct and for brokering the deal that brought self governance to her people.

Tenets of Faith

Impetine is followed as a shining example of honour, loyalty and freedom. She is the Protector and Freedom Fighter, and the Risen Lord.

Mental characteristics

Personal history


Impetine was born to a small family of shroom farmers who lived in one of the many underground villages near the Stonesky Drainage. Her parents had been devout followers of the Lords of Fire, having paid tribute to Porculso the Builder like so many other denizons of the Stonesky. But this devotion had been severely put to the test during the years of the Stonesky Riots that followed The Destruction of the Dam Nation, and the influx of refugees that resulted from it.   Her family did their best to help accomodate the refugees, and it was in this environment that Impetine was raised from a young age.   Her parents tried to instill the traits of hardwork and of building for a common good that form the basis of Porculso's popularity. But she also learnt from the refugees in their midst of the violence and pain that The Flaming Brand had wrought against them.  

Resistance leader

As she grew, the Stonesky riots grew in intesity and regularity, and she was drawn to them like many a young agitator. She ran afoul of the Brand a few times, but managed to escape any harsh retribution. However, she was popular among the resistance, and it didn't take long for the forces under the command of Gaulchoros to try and make an example of her.   She managed to escape, and went into hiding in the many hidden caves that led from the Stonesky beneath the plains of Ardi Kokufa. This began her phase as guerilla figher againts their oppressors, and her popularity grew still.   It was the murder of her parents by the forces under Gaulchoros command that pushed her to question her ways. The death being caused by the conflicts that had goone on for nearly 30 years at this stage prompted her to push for more peacful resistance against the Lords of Fire.  

Diplomat and Firebrand

Through her networks, she was approached by agents of Ukobis, who saught a permanent and peaceful end to the riots. It was this that set her on the path to becoming the first outsider to become a Lord of The Gleaming City.   She snuck into the Gleaming City, and saught audience with Ukobis, who secretly sponsored her through the fastest initiation into the Flaming Brand, including her successful bonding as a Klomerati Symbiote.   She then spent a further 10 years campaigning for peace both within the Gleaming City and across the Stonesky, leading the Deks controlled by Ukobis, while protecting her people from the ongoing incursions of Gaulchoros. The conflict became a stalmate, and verged on insitgating a civil war among the Lords themselve.  


Throughout all this, Impetine had amassed adulation of her people and the admiring lyalty of many of the Brand. Enough to power the generation of her own Godling. it was then that Ukobis and Impetine both pushed for the diplomatic solution. Impetine went throught her God Tethering and became the first outsider to become a Lord of Fire of the Gleaming City.
Divine Classification
Current Location
Year of Birth
2898 AD 93 Years old
Stonesky Drainage
Bald scalp, heavily touched with gold suntouched markings
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark bronze colouredskin, heavily suntouched and almost leathery, and with markings of gold that glitters when hit by sunlight

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