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The devilkin are those peoples of Shadowfire whose ancestry is tied to the incursion of the Elder God Avatars during The Destruction. Even though the Elder Gods remain trapped in their cosmic prisons beyond the Astral Sea, parts of their essences have managed to seep into the world as avatars and abberations, and even as sentient beings able to interbreed with others.   Devilkin are descended from the Arkin and Midkin who survived the Destruction by bonding with the leaked essence of the ElderGods during the Mortugurra Incursion. These desperate souls used it survive the vioent forces and to transform themselves to be able to live in the harsh climate and forces that shaped the Age of Shadowfire. In many ways the first generation of Devilkin were as much Elder God Avatar as they were Kin - it was a melding of two species into one, wrought through the magics of Destruction, rather than an evolution of a single species into new forms.   Despite their origins and the fearful myths that surround them, devilkin are as diverse and complicatied as any species and many have integrated seemlessly into ethnicities and cultures well beyond the Sunside lands. Even the Protectorates have their Lord Protector Rue du Col of Sudengard who is descended from Devilkin.   The exeption to all of this diveristy, evolution and integration are the Lords of Fire themselves. These beings dominated and subsumed the mortal forms that they took over during the Incursion, and have indeed sired many a Devilkin since. However, the Lords of Fire have never let go of their original Elder Avatar selves. Other than the abberations left over from the deeptime Wars of Emancipation, they are the oldest living things on Shadowfire, and the closest link to the Elder Gods that many will see upon the face of the world.

Basic Information


Most Devilkin retain the broad bipedal features of other kin, but many have been marked by chaotic forces from their Elder God influences. In gneral, they have red-toned skin, but it can range from deep purples to vibrant blues, as well as far muted and sublte shades.   Those who have lived their lives sunside can exhibit strong Firetouched markings. in such extreme proximity to the Sun and the chatoci sources of magic from the wastes and the Great Rift, these marking can become wuite extreme. Some will grow into think plated skin, swirling leathery welts or even horn-like growths upon heads, backs and limbs fo the Devilkin. These features can tend to be passed on genetically, and distinct tribal variations have emerged, so even those Devilkin who were born Shadowside will still retain some of these forms.   Most Devilkin can tolerate extreme heat well, without needing to sweat or replenish water. In need , their bodies will create water internally from stores of their own internal Uhd Magic. This has limits, but they can last weeks without water, as long as they have a pletiful supply of Crystal uhd on hand.

Genetics and Reproduction

Over the thousands of years since, the Devilkin have evolved, diversified and spread beyond the Sunside lands and into the Shimmerlands and beyond. Their phsyiology is similar enough to their ancestral Kin that they can interbreed successfully with all of the Kin of the surface lands.   Traits that serve the Devilkin lineage in the harsh climes of the sunside lands tend to fade over generations in the Lands of Twilight and beyond, but can easily be triggered and resurfaced when those with Devilkin ancestry are touched for lenthy periods by the Sun. This can oft times come as a surprise to those who may not have suspected their ancestral ties.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Devilkin can go without water for extended periods of time, but not indefintiely.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Devilkin have a tendancy to be able to see well in very bright conditions, but conversely their eyes will struggle in the dark even more than other kin of the Surface world.
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