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Undivided Chamber

The community at Xiramond is led by the Undivided Chamber. This is the body comprised of any and all Twice Divided Twins within the monastery. They discuss weighty matters of theology and the paradoxes of the unknowable, or times where geopolitics and economics impact the theological.  
Do we not know what we do not seek or not seek what we do not know?
Question that opens meetings of the Undivided Chamber
  Each set of Twice Divided Twins has a single vote which they must decide between themselves before bringing to the discussions being had by the Undivided Chamber.   Due to the Xiramondians taboo against straight answers and logical reasoning, meetings of the Undivided Chamber can take many hours, if not days. There are regular breaks to clarify points of order and adjournments as the various Twice Divided Twins work out the phrasing of any conversation as a series of questions and paradoxical statements.   As can be expected, nothing much of pracitcal importance is ever decided, with most day-to-day decisions concerning worldly matters being delegated to minor functionaries, or even left to individuals within the monastery, or their visitors, to decide amongst themselves.
Religious, Monastic Order
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