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Twice Divided Twins

The leaders of Xiramond are known as Twice Divided Twins and rule as a group within the Undivided Chamber. The community at Xiramond will usually have multiple Twice Divided Twins at any point, although in its long history there have been raretimes when no Twice Divided Twin had gone through a successful reunion.   For reasons never properly understood, all Xiramondians are born as twins. The First Division is within the womb through means either natural, or perhaps through magic influence. Most twins will live their lives as normal, never separating as they work, travel and live together within the confines of Xiramond.  

The Second Division

However, those who are recognised as potential leaders of the community are forced apart upon reaching adulthood. This Second Division is not just physical, but more importantly they are divided in time. Upon their adulthood, one twin is sent on a dangerous pilgramage into the heart of the Rift of Ghul Drazul. In their absence, the remaining twin lives a long life as a bureaucrat, learning all the ins and outs of managing the affairs of the community at Xiramond.  


In some cases the departed twin never returns. But sometimes, many years later they do. This is one of the greatest celebrations within Xiramond known simply as a Reunion, and it marks the beginning of a new role and life as a community leader or Twice Divided Twin.   The division in time becomes apparent on the return of a divided twin. Due to the extreme time dilation experienced during their journey into to the rift, their own life will have been far, far shorter than that of the twin who stayed behind. In extreme cases, the returning twin may have only been gone for a few weeks from their own point of view, but the one who remained may have lived for decades.   Once reunited, Twice Divided Twins become trusted leaders of the community as members of the Undivided Chamber, foregoing all prior responsibilities, and instread become both spiritual and political figureheads of the monestary.  

The Lonesome

There are cases where a Divided Twin's sibling never returns, and they will live out their long life alone, forever looking into the swirling rocks of the Rift for a sign of their divided self's return. In even rarer cases, long after the death of their twin who remained behind, a Departed Twin will eventually return. The longest known departure was well over 200 years, and the returning twin themselves had barely aged more than two.   These events are seen as tragic, but the Lonesome Twins are treated with kindness by others in the community through their long sorrow and grief.
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Religious, Beatified
Form of Address
Their divided self
Length of Term
As long as both twins live
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Feb 22, 2022 05:00 by Aster Blackwell

Very intriguing and a little spooky! I like it a lot

Feb 22, 2022 06:14 by Ononomad

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you liked :-)

Feb 22, 2022 05:42 by Michael Chandra

Eesh, I'm surprised nobody holds a grudge over being thrown into a dangerous situation like that.   Also: If twins live their lives together, uhm, I loathe to ask, what does that mean for marriages?

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
Feb 22, 2022 06:07 by Ononomad

Great question, and I've been pondering that for next iteration.   My thoughts so far... Twins here don't think of themselves as separate beings, so procreation and parenting between sets of twins wouldn't feel as taboo as we would think of it - although outsiders might be confronted (however, i'll avoid NSFW).   I don't think they have marriages at all like we think of them. The culture at Xiramond is very communal, but also very respectful. I think they treat love and procreation as entirely separate things, and the rearing of a child/twin is likely a 'whole community' responsibility.   It really does raise a whole lot of interesting things to think about.   In terms of being selected as a Twice Divided Twin... i really do think most would see it as a great honour, but it does bring likelihood of grief and problems. I need to explore the nature of reunion too... how a very young person with short but strange experiences would interact with their very old twin with many years experience of boring bureaucracy... it is indeed a paradox!

Feb 22, 2022 16:51 by Mochi

Lovely article! Curious, the twin that goes on the pilgrimage; is it random, or is a twin selected based on criteria or something else?

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