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The Desolation of Ghul Drazul

The Desolation is the epicentre of the Destruction, and exists deep on Sunside as a great rift surrounded by broken crags of sulphur and molten rock. The very air is burnt away, gravity and time are in flux.  At the heart of the rift the deep rocks of the earth evaporate into pure magical energy that rises into the darkness of space in a slowly churning gyre hundreds of kilometres wide. This the source of the Nightbridge that circles the planet and lights the night sky on Shadowside.    The rift itself is known by many names: The Great Rift, The Infraction, Rivenrising or Ghulsbane.   Few throughout the history of Shadowfire since the Destruction have witnessed the The Desolation, even from a distance, and much is only whispered in rumour and superstition.
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